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nclex reproduction

nclex reproduction
leutinizing hormone LH
this hormone transforms follicle into corpus luteum which maintains pregnancy by producing progesterone
follicle stimulating hormone FSH
hormone influences ovum to mature via mieosis in ovaries
estrogen and progesterone
two hormones ovaries produces in pregnant and non pregnant women
sloughing off myometrium
menstruation occurs when ovum is not fertilized and corpus luteum disintegrates as progesterone and estrogen drop in last week of menstration causing this
one year of amennorhea
menopause is characterized by this __ and occurs on average at age 50
14% body fat or more
what % of female body fat is needed to support ovulation because estrogen is stored in body fat. If less than this % will result in irregular menses or amenorrhea.
hormone produced by ovaries during ovulation, peaks in follicular stage of mensturation and inhibits FSH and LH
hormone secreted by corpus luteum, peaks during luteal phase stimulates FSH and LH secretion
LH peaks
what hormone peaks at 10-12 hours during ovulation
cigarette smokers
cilia in fallopian tubes which propel ovum toward sperm have decreased motility in women who do this.
low sperm counts
Males who drink, smoke pot, cocaine, tight clothes sit in saunas, varicocele, increased scrotol temperatures causes this to sperm counts
widening of the scrotal veins causing low sperm counts
increased body temperature of 0.5 or 1* F
body temperature does this which indicates ovulation and maintains until mensturation
fertility awareness
this is the process for women to check BBT (basal body temperature) and cervical mucus changes to detect ovulation
lack of progesterone
obtaining a endometrial biopsy to check for luteal phase defect or this __ for the reason of infertility
vasovagal response
after indeometrial biopsy must warn client of vaginal bleeding and sudden fainting caused by hypotension induced by this
hysterosalpingogram HSG
this test detects uterine anomalies with iodine based radiopaque dye instilled via catheter into uterus and tubes to outline durign xrays
surgery with general or epidural anesthesia, three puncture approach used to introduce instruments into abdomen inflated with CO2 to view pelvic structures or surgery
hormonal therapy
therapy to induce ovulation in vitro fertilization
sub q or IM injections
what does the couple need to be taught for hormonal therapy for fertility
multiple births, ovarian hyperstimulation, enlarged ovary, abdominal distention, pain, and ovarian cysts
what are some complications for ovulation induction
clomid, serophene, clomiphene citrate
name three meds for induction of ovulation
artificial insemination
sperm washing, intrauterine insemination are both these
within 3 hours
sperm is collected within this time frame and then inserted into uterus via artificial insemination
returned to uterus in 2-3 days
how long does the four eggs returned to uterus after sperm is introduced for in vitro fertilization
synthetic FSH
what type of hormone injections are given sub q to stimulate ova production 5-6 days prior to in vitro fertilization
limit activity for 24 hours
what is told to client after egg retrival of invitro fetilization and after embryo placement
progesterone supplement
what is prescribed to invitro fertilization
ultra sound guided
what equipment is used in vitro fertilization to embryos
family planning
the goal of this __ is to assist in reproductive decision, pregnancy prevention, limit # of children, space between children, or voluntary interruption of pregnancy
least reliable contraceptive method
coitus interruptus (withdrawal) where the pull out to prevent pregnancy is ___ reliable
avoid intercourse when temperature drop and 3 days during ovulation
check BBT basal body temperature for these temperature variances to prevent pregnancy
BBT and cervical mucus
what are primary indicators of ovulation
toxic shock
if a diaphragm is used remove it within 24 hour period to decrease risk of this
oil base lubricants
what type of lube is avoided for diaphragm use
UTI and hx of toxic shock syndrome
what are some contraindications of diaphragm use
avoid during menses
when do you avoid diaphragm or cervical cap
annually by health care provider
who and when should the diaphragm or cervical be placed and replaced
DVT, leg pain, abd pain, chest pain HA
what are a few complications of oral contraceptive
what acronym is used for s/s warning of IUD complications
DVTs, HA, fluid retention and nausea
four side effects of oral contraceptives
acne increased HDL cholesterol levels, depression and hirsutism
four side effects for progestin contraceptives
oral contraceptives have side effects pneumonic -
menses regular and decreased flow
action of oral contraceptives cause menses to be
COC's may decrease effectiveness of insulin and these
smoker, >35, DVT, breast cancer, HTN
what are a few contraindications for COC.
no patch worn on week 4 during menses
when does an contraceptive patch to be taken off within the month
postcoital exam
exam of collection of vaginal secretion examined for infection from a couple who had intercourse 8-12 hours prior and 1-2 days before ovulation
7 days
how long do sperm live
3 days
how long does egg last before sperm penetrates
day 21-27
when should an endometrial biopsy be performed
semen analysis
the most common cause of infertility are inadequate number of motility of sperm using this test
tubal anomoly or blockage are the most common cause of infertility for women using this test
not the breast
the ortho evra skin contraceptive skin patch can be placed on the outer arm, abdomen, buttocks or trunk but not __.
a long acting progestin injection that blocks LH surge, suppress ovulation and thickens cervical mucus to prevent sperm pentration every 3 months