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Chapter 3 Review questions

questions for chapter test
What were the economic reasons that Columbus and his crew made the voyage in 1492?
To find a new trade route to Asia and to gain riches and land.
Why did Columbus have to wait until after the Reconquista to start his voyage?
Columbus needed the support of the king and queen of Spain to pay for his voyage, but during the Reconquista the king and queen were too busy fighting a war, so they couldn't help Columbus.
What is the Northwest Passage and did the Europeans find it?
It was a water route around or through North America that would be a shortcut to Asia. The Europeans never found it.
What were three problems that the early European explorers faced?
They needed better maps, and better technology for long voyages. They needed a lot of money to pay the costs of the expeditions. They faced great dangers in exploring new and unknown seas and lands.
What were some of the costs and benefits of expeditions for explorers and their sponsors?
Costs: money to pay for ships, crews, and supplies. ships could sink. an explorer might not find anything of value.
Benefits: finding gold, furs, and other valuable resources. claiming new lands. gaining power. spreading Christianity.
Why did so many Europeans want to find the Northwest Passage?
They wanted to find a shortcut to Asia so that they could set up trade routes that would bring them wealth and power/