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management review

Which of the following factors can help managers determine whether more or different control is worthwhile?

regulation costs

____ control is associated with autonomous work groups.


Quality is typically defined and measured in three ways. They are ____.

excellence, value, and conformance to expectations

____ control is a method of gathering information about performance deficiencies as they occur.


An article on public libraries contained the following statement: "The balanced scorecard helps organize and run the library according to a specific strategic plan, while demonstrating the library's value to the community as a whole." When dealing with the customer area of the balanced scorecard, the article advised librarians to use customer surveys. Why might this be a poor strategy to use?

Customer surveys are typically misleading, skewed to positive feedback.

A manufacturer of automatic locking devices for vehicles shipped 20,000 devices to a car manufacturer that was unable to use them because of a design flaw. If the manufacturer of the devices waited until the parts were returned before determining why it created unusable component parts, it would be using ____ control.


When the local fast-food restaurant manager caught one of her employees giving free food to his friends, she fired him on the spot. When another employee stayed late after work one night to help a woman start her car, the manager rewarded him. What type of control did the restaurant manager use in these two instances?


One of the advantages the balanced scorecard has over traditional control processes that rely solely on financial measures is that it ____.

minimizes the chances of suboptimization

Imagine a manufacturer that has a 99 percent error-free production rate and decides it wants 100 percent error-free production. Its management needs to examine ____ to determine if the costs of increased controls outweigh the benefits of error-free production.

regulation costs

____ is a control method that encourages managers to look beyond traditional measures to evaluate four different perspectives on company performance.

Balanced scorecard

An article on public libraries contained the following statement: "The balanced scorecard helps organize and run the library according to a specific strategic plan, while demonstrating the library's value to the community as a whole." Standards suggested to use with the ____ area of the balanced scorecard include how quickly and effectively a new service can be offered and how the training staff responds to its introduction.

innovation and learning perspective

Which approach to control monitors inputs rather than outputs?

feedforward control

The three basic control methods are ____.

concurrent control, feedback control, and feedforward control

____ allows a trucking company not only to compare its safety performance with other companies but to also adopt those practices found to be superior. A trucking company can gather data on how its competitors deal with total accidents per million miles, numbers of high severity accidents by type, missed deliveries, spills, driver out-of-service by type, and vehicle out-of-service by type and use this information to improve its own safety record.


A chain of specialty fashion stores has interviewed a sample of its female customers and learned that a customer can be expected to visit the store looking for new merchandise every two weeks, on average. As a result, the chain has new merchandise delivered daily. If items have not been sold after a month on display at the store, the items are removed from the store to either be sold at another location or returned to the manufacturer. The chain of stores was able to set this standard through ____.

listening to customers

Which of the following statements about economic value added (EVA) is true?

EVA is the amount by which profits (after expenses) exceed the cost of capital in a given year.

Ironically, ____ control may lead to even more pressure for workers to conform to expectations than ____ control.

concertive; bureaucratic

____ costs are the costs associated with implementing or monitoring control.


The two types of objective controls managers use are ____.

behavior and output

Which of the following is NOT one of the four perspectives measured in the balanced scorecard approach to control?

policies and procedures perspective

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