the process of improving the material conditions of people through the diffusion of knowledge and technology
where are more developed countries located?
global north
human development index
determines the standard of living in a country
A country's development is a function of what 3 factors?
per capita GDP, literacy rate, and life expectancy
what is the highest Human Development index?
which country and region have the highest HDIs
Western Europe and Canada
Gross domestic product
value of all goods and services produced in a country in a given year
which LDC has had the largest GDP increase lately?
What are the economic factors?
GDP, economic structure, worker productivity, natural resources & raw materials, and availability of consumer goods
3 types of jobs
Primary, secondary, tertiary
Primary Sector jobs
most basic jobs
secondary sector jobs
tertiary sector jobs
jobs that provide a service
the value of a product compared to the amount of work needed to make it
how is productivity measured?
by value added (profit)
what is value added?
the gross value of the product minus the cost of raw materials and energy
The higher per capita GDP helps to ________ value added
which MDCs have no or little natural resources
Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea
gender inequality
the UN has not found a single country in teh world where women are treated as well as men
What two indexes measure gender inequality?
Gender-Related Development index and Gender Empowerment
gender related development index
measures the disparity between the well being of men and women
gender empowerment
measures the ability of women to participate in the process of improving their standard of living and well-being
% of women in political office
No country on earth has a national parliament or congress with a majority of women
every country has a lower gem/gdi than the gem/gdi
first female leader of an islamic country
Benazir Bhutto
India's only female PM
Indira Gandhi
Indonesia's only female president
Megawati Sukarnoputri
Israel's first female PM
Golda Meir
Ireland's President
Mary McAleese
Leader of Chile
Michelle Bachelet
Leader of Argentina
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
First African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize
Wangari Maathai
Chancellor of Germany
Angela Merkel
What percentage of the population live in MDCs and consume 5/6 of the worlds goods?
How can goods be spread more equally?
LCDs must develop more rapidly
two biggest obstacles for LDCs to develop
adopting policies that successfully promote development and finding the funds to pay for development
what two models have LDCs chosen to promote development
self-sufficiency approach and international trade
Self Sufficiency Approach
spread investment equally across all sectors of the countrys economy and regions
international trade
what resources does your country have that other countries would want?
countries that have successfully tried the international trade
Four Tigers: Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong
Two primary sources for funds for LDCs
loans from international banks and investment by transnational corporations
two major leaders in funding
World Bank and International Monetary Fund