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Committee on Unemployment

The agency Hoover created to advise private charity groups on how to help the unemployed was called ____________


Langston Hughes was a famous for his

Reconstruction Finance Corps

Hoover attempted to solve America's Depression by creating the

Gibson Girls

The personfication of the feminine ideal between 1890 and 1910 were referred to as


Collections of shacks where the homeless of America's cities lived

Scopes Trial

Trial that concerned a state law that prohibited the teaching of evolution in public schools


The 19th Amendment allowed _______ to vote.

Immigration Quota System

Congressional legislation passed in 1920 and 1924 limiting immigration to U.S. was called the

"Black Thursday"

The Stockmarket crash of 1929 was nicknamed


In the 1920s, home entertainment was bolstered by the spectacular growth of:

Ford Motor Co.

The Model A was first introduced in 1927 by what company?

The Spirit of St. Louis

Charles Linbergh's plane was called

The Bonus Army

The 1932 March on Washington by World War I veterans demanding their payment early were called the

robbery and murder

The two Italian immigrants Sacco and Vanzetti that endorsed anarchism were arrested and convicted of


What was the one invention into mainstream American society that changed society more than any other?

Al Capone

Who was the crime boss who dominated Chicago during Prohibition?

Committee on Unemployment

The agency Hoover created to advise private charity groups on how to help the unemployed was called

Clarence Darrow

The defense attorney obtained for John Scopes was

The Bonus March in 1932

A public relations disaster for President Hoover

Monkey Trial

What was the nickname for the Scopes Trial?

Harlem Renaissance

An outpouring of African American culture and entrepreneurship during the 1920s was called


The term used for modern women that value pragmatism and personal freedom was


The Reconstruction Finance Corps spent $500 million on all of the following Except

teaching evolution

What was the central crime that Scopes was charged with

the drinking of it

Prohibition DIDN'T make this illegal about alcohol...

Huey Long

The Share the Wealth Plan that proposed a minimum and maximum income for all Americans was the brainchild of

stabilizing farm produce prices

Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) was aimed at

social security

The most impactful piece of legislation in the Second New Deal was

the social conscience of the New Deal

Eleanor Roosevelt's chief role in the Roosevelt presidency can be summarized in the phrase

more isolationists in sentiment

Great Depression and the economic struggles it caused in early 1930s made Americans


During 1931-1932, Japan invaded and conquered what territory in East Asia?

American Federation of Labor

Section 7a of the NRA codes was especially well received by the

excessive government regulation

Historians have cited all of the following as causes of the Great Depression EXCEPT

The Public Works Administration

Agency created by New Deal that built public buildings, roads, hospitals and airports

Tenneessee Valley Authority

New Deal program that created new dams to bring electricity and modernization to the South

"We do our part"

The NRA's symbol was the blue eagle and whose motto was

Francis E. Townsend

California doctor who 1st proposed a system of pensions for older Americans was

insurance for industrial workers

The Fair Labor Standard Act didn't allow for


After World War I, American opinion generally supported:

fireside chats

Franklin Roosevelt's reputation as a great communicator was most publicly obvious in his

Every Man a King

Huey Long's offical theme song was entitled

National Youth Administration

New Deal agency made to provide jobs for young adults to keep them in school was called

Fair Labor Standard Act

In 1938, the last major New Deal legislation was passed and it was called

Section 7a

The sections of the National Recovery Act that required participants to adopt maximum hours and wages and allow union organization was

The American Liberty League

The group that attacked the New Deal as socialistic and accussed Roosevelt of being a dictator was

Good Neighbor Policy

The U. S. foreign policy that stated that it would no longer intervenve in the affairs of other countries in the western hemisphere was called the

the group of intellectuals, lawyers, and journalists who advised Roosevelt

The New Deal jargon, the "Brain Trust" refers to

to reduce crime

What was the main argument made to repeal Prohibition?

limited the size of America's standing army

The Kellogg-Briand Pact

excessive government regulation

Was NOT cited as a cause of the Great Depression

Wagner Act

This act provided a more favorable environment for unions and outlawed company unions

Work Projects Administration

The New Deal system that employed thousands of workers on projects in history, art and theater was called


During 1931-1932, Japan invaded and conquered what territory in East Asia?

Harold Ickes

President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs weren't criticized by:

Francis Perkins

The first woman to serve as a member of the U. S. cabinet was

government takeover of major industries

Father Coughlin, a liberal critic of FDR, supported an extreme measure of

Lyndon B. Johnson

The Texas National Youth Administration president was

Dust Bowl

Harsh farming practices coupled with several drought caused the conditions known as the

Schechter Poultry Corps v. U.S.

The court case that declared that the NIRA and the NRA was unconsitutional was

National Recovery Administration

The agency that desired to create a govertnment business partnership to fight overproduction was called

the sale of alcohol would produce tax revenue

President Roosevelt's policy to end prohibition was based on the hope that


Francis Perkins served as the secretary of

Agricultural Adjustment Act

The New Deal program that paid farmers to not plant their fields in order to create scarcity was called

Huey Long

Who was the Louisiana political and liberal critic of Roosevelt's Administration


Huey Long's nickname was the


The Italian facist leader that was in power in Italy during WWII was

Munich Pact

Hitler's invasion of Czechoslavakia in 1939 violated the

The Soviet Union

The country that suffered the most deaths in the fighting of World War II was


Germany's invasion of what country triggered the beginning of World War II in Europe?

Douglas MacArthur

The American general who would command forces in the Southwest Pacific during World War II was

housed over 100,000 Japanese Americans during the war

"War-relocation camps"in the United States:


The U.S. Lend-Lease program signaled America's committment in support of the

be willing to enter the war against Japan after the defeat of Germany

At the Tehran Conference, Stalin agreed the Soviet Union would


During 1931-1932, Japan invaded and conquered what territory in East Asia?

They allowed the Americans to avoid an amphibious invasion of Japan

The use of the atomic bomb against Japan had what significance?


The Yalta Conference which planned the final stage of the war with Germany was attended by all of the following Except

Munich Pact

Hitler's invasion of Czechoslavakia in 1939 violated the


The U.S. Marine Corps recruited members of the ___________ tribe to deliever tactical coded infomation during key battles

J. Robert Oppenhimer

The atomic power project was led by

G.I. Bill

The piece of legislation that offered low-interest loans and money for returning veterans to go to college was called


The June 6, 1944 invasion of Western Europe is referred to as

Allied invasion of Normandy

D-Day refers to the:


Admiral Nimitz used a strategy of ___________ to move increasingly closer to Japan


Women during World War II also served the U.S. in all of the following Except

The United States and the Soviet Union

Following the conclusion of World War II the two most powerful nations in the world were:

Potsdam Conference

The conference where the Allies agreed to divide Germany among themselves was called


The Nazis program of genocide that killed millions was called the

Tukegee Airmen

The group of African American pilots in the Army Air Corps that escorted bombers to their drop-off locations were caled the

Dwight D. Eisenhower

The American general who commanded the American force at the invasion of Normandy was

A. Phillip Randolph

The NAACP leader who began a campaign of protest against wartime discrimination against blacks was

Harry Truman

In 1945 FDR died in office and was succeeded by his Vice president, who was


Germany developed a machine that would encode messages, it was called the

freedom of speech, freedom from want, freedom from fear

Roosevelt declared that World War II was being fought for "four freedom" included all of the following

Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed ____________ to start the war in the Pacific

Stimson Doctrine

The doctrine that stated that the U.S. would refuse to recongize the Japanese installed government in Manchuria was called

freedom from trial

Roosevelt declared that Word War II was being fought for "four freedoms" this did NOT include

The Enola Gay

The plane that dropped the first atomic bomb in Japan was named

Rosie the Riveters

World War II created opportunities for women in industrial labor and they were collectively referred to as

The United Nations

The international organization created at the end of World War II to prevent small conflicts from escalating into major wars was called


On August 6, 1945 the U.S. dropped the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of

The Manhattan Project

The secret project that developed the atomic bomb was called


The U.S. President that improved relations between the U.S. and China was

divide the rest of Germany into occupation zones

Truman's response to the Soviet blockade of West Berlin in 1948 was to:

Greece and Turkey

In its first application of the Truman Doctrine, Congress approved economic aid to:

said the United States should contain Soviet expansionist tendencies

State Department official George Kennan:


During the 1948 presidential campaign, which party nominated Strom Thurmond:


A policy of new political openness and personal liberty to the Soviet Union was called


Which U.S. President created a period of detente between the U.S., China, and Soviet Union?

the United Nations authorized military intervention against the aggressors

When North Korea Communists invaded South Korea:


A series of reforms instituted by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to restructure the nation's economy was called

Truman Doctrine

The foreign policy doctrine that attempted to contain communism to nations were it aready exisited was called


The airlift undertaken by the U.S. and Great Britian was to aid what city blockaded by the Soviet Union?

George Kennan

The idea and policy of containment was primarily the idea of

exploiting public fears

Senator McCarthy was very effective in

Joseph McCarthy

The senator from Wisconsin who used American's concerns over communism to bolster his bid for reelection was

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

The American couple that were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage and received the death sentence were

Soviet Union

By 1962, Castro in Cuba had been supplied with missile technology from what country?


In retrospect, the Cold War was probably:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

To ease European concerns and create military aliance President Truman oversaw the creation of the

Fallout Shelters

What were popular and designed to protect individuals from the effects associated with nuclear destruction


Which U.S. President is best noted for helping broker an agreeement between Isreal and Egypt?

the Marshall Plan

The attempt to prevent Western Europe from falling to communism by stablizing the economic of Western Euopean nations was called


The U.S. President who accepted responsibility for the attempt to invade Cuba was

House on Un-American Activites Committee

The committee organized in 1938 fueled American concerns over Communism at home through their public hearings

Zbigniew Brzezinski

President Carter's National Security advisor who helped end Nixon's poicy of detente with the Soviet Union was


This treaty set limits on the production and deployment of ballistic missiles and antibalistic missiles

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

To ease European concerns and create military aliance President Truman oversaw the creation of the

Eisenhower Doctrine

The policy that expanded the policy of containment to the Middle East was called the


The U.S. President that asserted that the U.S. must have a policy of "flexible response" to global issues was


Which president extended the Cold War onto the global stage which was in part motivated by the U.S. need for oil

U.S.S. Maddox

The American naval destroyer involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident was named

Robert McNamara

President Johnson's Secretary of Defense that encouraged him to escalate the Vietnam War was

My Lai

In 1968 American soldiers massacred over three hundred South Vietnamese at

persecution of Buddhists monks

Which of Diem policies aliened many South Vietanmese citizens?

cut off the flow of supplies and reinforcements to North Vietnam

The main purpose of the U.S. air campaign in Vietnam was to


The South Vietnamese communist guerilla fighters who cooperated with the North Vietnamese were called


Who was elected president in 1964?

Henry Kissinger

Who was President Nixon's National Security Advisor, who in 1972 claimed that "peace is at hand"

Communist North Vietnam

The U.S. did not sign the Geneva Accords out of disapproval of certain provisions - specifically the recognition of a

Ngo Dinh Diem

The U.S. backed prime minister of South Vietnam was

Operation Rolling Thunder

The U.S. air campaign launched in Vietnam in 1965 was called


The U.S. was drawn into aiding Vietnam because of the power vaccum left by what country?

the Tet offensive

The North Vietnamese and Vietcong effort to conduct a massive series of raids on towns, cities, and bases through South Vietnam is referred to as


Nixon decided to escalate the Vietnam War by approving bombing raids in

Kent State

In 1970, shootings occurred in response to an anti-war protest at what university?


The Nixon policy involving transferring the burden of battle to the South Vietanmese and away from outsiders was referred to as

Congressional approval

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave the U.S. president absolute authority to wage war without

General William Westmoreland

The Commander of the U.S. Forces in Vietnam was


Lyndon B. Johnson was from:

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