Ch. 9 Privacy, Security, and Ethics


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People that collect and sell personal data are called ________.
Information resellers.
These programs record virtually everything you do on your computer and are used by employers to search employee e-mail and computer files.
Employee Monitoring Software
Small data files that are deposited on a user's hard disk when they visit a website are called ________.
These are used by advertisers to keep track of your web activity as you move from one site to the next.
Third-party Cookies
Which type of program would likely be used by investigators to record a potential suspects' Internet activities?
Keystroke Logger
This type of computer criminal creates and distributes malicious programs.
Most browsers offer this, which ensures that your browsing activity is not recorded on your hard disk.
Privacy Mode
Which of the following is not malware?
A program that replicates itself and clogs computers and networks.
Free computer games and free screen saver programs are typical carriers of ________.
Trojan Horses
Which among the following is a way to shut down an ISP or website?
Denial of Serivce Attack
Which among the following is a fraudulent or deceptive act designed to trick individuals on the Internet into spending time or money for little or no return?
Internet scam
The use of the Internet, smartphones, or other devices to send or post content intended to hurt or embarrass another person.
The most significant concerns for implementation of computer technology involve ________, security, and ethics.
According to which law is it illegal for an owner of a commercial program to make backup copies for their personal use and resell or give them away?
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Corporations often use this to prevent copyright violations.
Digital Rights Management
This uses software to try thousands of common words sequentially in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a user's account.
Dictionary Attack
This type of Wi-Fi hotspot operates close to a legitimate Wi-Fi hotspot and steals information such as usernames and passwords.
The process of coding information to make it unreadable except to those who have a special piece of information known as a key.
A ________ acts as a security buffer between a corporation's private network and all external networks.
Which of the following is the most widely used wireless network encryption for home wireless networks?
Which of the following is not a measure to protect computer security?
Same Password
________ is concerned with protecting software and data from unauthorized tampering or damage.
Data Security
This is a legal concept that gives content creators the right to control use and distribution of their work.
This law gives you the right to look at your personal records held by government agencies.
Freedom of Information Act
Computer criminals that create and spread viruses are punished under this law.
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act