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where and when the misbehavior occurs
clearly specify expected behavior
explaining on-task expectations
modify the context (e.g., changes in instruction, tasks, schedules, seating arrangements)
conduct behavior rehearsals (have students practice the appropriate behavior)
provide strong reinforcement such as frequent and immediate praise
regularly prompt expected behaviors
collect data on student performance
Behavioral Matrix would promote uniformity in responsiveness
1.) Student Characteristics, 2.) Issues, and Factors, 3.)Teacher/Staff Characteristics, Issues, and Factors, 4.) Environmental Characteristics, Issues, and Factors—Physical Plant and Logistics, and 5.) Incentives and Consequences Resources
even if resources and incentives exist, they may not be used adequately
clarify how re-organization and re-allocation of resources can enhance student behavior.
Positive Behavior Support Systems (PBSS) incorporates many evidence-based methods
Steps of establishing a PBSS: (a) creating a planning team, (b) defining school-wide behavioral expectations, (c) teaching behavioral expectations to students, (d) developing processes to acknowledge positive behaviors/ discourage inappropriate behaviors, and (e) collecting, monitoring and evaluating outcomes
The two programs that most effectively involve parents/ families, school and community include 1.) Monthly contact meetings, and 2.) resource sessions.
A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for a program or organization.
School practices that include open communication, trust, high expectations, and non-judgmental exchanges enhance parent involvement
help parents feel welcomed and trusting of school influence
Haberman and Marzano Domains in Interview Questions
three prong approach to creating the questions. One to promote analytical thinking: "What strategy", one to promote recall of specific instances: "Describe a time" and another to allow for generalization: "Give me an example".
Teamwork is a major component of school success
Establishing trust with and demonstrating respect for stakeholders