218. Global Information Grid

218. Global Information Grid

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1. What are the seven components of the GIG?
Warrior component.
Global applications.
Network operations (NETOPS).
Information management.
What organization has the mission of directing and operating the GIG?
Which characteristic of the GIG ensures that users across the DOD can seamlessly connect to the
systems and services offered by the GIG?
Joint Infrastructure.
This component of the Global Information Grid consists of those items that are necessary to
directly connect the warfighter to the global network
a. Global applications.
b. Warrior component.
c. Network operations.
d. Information management.
b. Warrior component.
This characteristic of the Global Information Grid ensures seamless transmission of
information between different service branches
a. Joint architecture.
b. Unity of command.
c. Information services.
d. Common policy and standards
d. Common policy and standards