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  1. The 20th century American abstract artist Josef Albers created Solo V, an inkless intaglio teqnique known as _____
  2. Michelangelo's Studies for the Libyan Sybil is a good example of a drawing that was meant to be used ______
  3. In works such as her Untitled mixed-media print of Chinese girls, Hung Liu's purpose is to ____
  4. Which classic early color film depicted real life in black and white and imaginary life in expressionostic color?
  5. _____is the only printmaking process in which prints can be rendered in paint as well as ink.
  1. a highlight the degradation of previous generations of Chinese women.
  2. b serigraphy
  3. c The Wizard of oz
  4. d As a sketch to record an idea
  5. e gauffrage

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  1. hard, non-directional
  2. molten wax
  3. acid bath that etches the exposed areas of the matrix
  4. silverpoint
  5. egg, pigment, and water

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  1. The word photography is derived from Greek roots that mean_______to write with light


  2. Alexander Gardner's Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg is a graphic photo taken during the ___probably from a camera in a wagon known as a _____medium of turpentine


  3. Intaglio prints are made from ____into which lines have been incised.buon fresco; lime plaster


  4. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks tinted their sculptures with ____ to give them a lifelike appearance.abstraction


  5. The effects of ____when each is drawn against a paper surface are very similarmatrix