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  1. Honor`e Daumier's pen and ink drawing, The Three Lawyers, is a caricatured illustration of ____
  2. Higher quality photographs are said to have higher_____
  3. Margaret Bourke White wrote "using the camera was almost a relief; it interposed a slight barrier between myself and the white horror in front of me...." Here Bourke-White is describing_____
  4. By the 1850's photographic portrait studios became quite popular and began to serve the needs of_____
  5. With a Polaroid camera, the photograph appears before your eyes. This is an example of ____film
  1. a resolution
  2. b a grwoing middle class
  3. c color reversal
  4. d pompous, superficial lawyers
  5. e Buchenwald during the Holocaust

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  1. aquatint
  2. sanguine
  3. Mezzotint
  4. gesso
  5. The Great Depression

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  1. In silverpoint drawings, the drawing surface must be coated with a ground of______bone dust or chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment


  2. The working surface from which a print is made is called a ____matrix


  3. Fifteenth- century artist Gentile da Fabriano applied thinly hammered sheets of gold to his Adoration of the Magi tempera panel using a technique known as _____gilding


  4. In Paul Landacre's Growing Corn, we see a good example of the ______that can be obtained from the skillful use of wood engraving.As a sketch to record an idea


  5. Aquatint is frequently used along with line etching to mimic the effects produced by _____Soft-ground etching