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  1. In the ___process, the artist creates clean-cut lines on a plate of copper,zinc, or steel by forcing a sharp burin across the surface with the heel of the hand
  2. The binding agent that powdered pigment is mixed with to form paint is known as the ___
  3. Rembrandt copied _____ but added some additional features to his own sketched version
  4. In silverpoint drawings, the drawing surface must be coated with a ground of______
  5. Edgar Degas was one of the masters of pastel drawing in 19th century France. In ____ Degas depicted one of his favorite subjects
  1. a bone dust or chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment
  2. b Woman at her Toilette
  3. c vehicle
  4. d engraving
  5. e Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

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  1. limitations of fresco
  2. buon fresco; lime plaster
  3. aquatint
  4. tempera
  5. plants; negative

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  1. The "active layer" of film contains a _____of small particles of_____matrix


  2. Fifteenth- century artist Gentile da Fabriano applied thinly hammered sheets of gold to his Adoration of the Magi tempera panel using a technique known as _____aquatint


  3. Pen and ink are used to create drawings, such as Jean Dubuffet's Garden, that are essentially_____bone dust or chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment


  4. The oldest form of printmaking is _____, and most likely the first people to use it were the ancient _____woodcut; Chinese


  5. Etching is a very versatile medium. In Henri Matisse's Loulou in a Flowered Hat, he used ____to represent the essential features of a womanacid bath that etches the exposed areas of the matrix