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  1. The binding agent that powdered pigment is mixed with to form paint is known as the ___
  2. With a Polaroid camera, the photograph appears before your eyes. This is an example of ____film
  3. In The Painter and His Model, Picasso was able to approximate the effects of mezzotint with a much simpler technique known as ______
  4. In Paul Landacre's Growing Corn, we see a good example of the ______that can be obtained from the skillful use of wood engraving.
  5. The 20th century American abstract artist Josef Albers created Solo V, an inkless intaglio teqnique known as _____
  1. a color reversal
  2. b aquatint
  3. c gauffrage
  4. d precise lines and tonal gradations
  5. e vehicle

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  1. mental sketchbook
  2. impasto
  3. heliography
  4. encaustic
  5. crumpled blue paper and string

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  1. The unforgiving medium of ____was widely used for drawing from the late Middle Ages to the early 1500's, when it was largely replaced by the lead pencil.Silverpoint


  2. The popularity of relief printing declined with the introduction of the ___process, which did not appear until the 15th centuryintaglio


  3. A(n)____magnifies faraway objects and collapses the spaces between ordinarily distant objects.cave walls


  4. In works such as her Untitled mixed-media print of Chinese girls, Hung Liu's purpose is to ____highlight the degradation of previous generations of Chinese women.


  5. Fifteenth- century artist Gentile da Fabriano applied thinly hammered sheets of gold to his Adoration of the Magi tempera panel using a technique known as _____gilding


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