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Lesson 1 Key Words


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bilateral adj.
1. Having two sides.

2. Made between two persons or groups.
bipartisan adj.
Involving two political parties.
bisect v.
To divide into two equal parts.
duplex n.
A dwelling with two living units.
duplicate v.
To make an identical copy or double of something; to repeat.
monarch n.
1. A person who rules a kingdom or empire; a king or queen, emperor or empress.

2. A large black and orange American butterfly.
monogram n.
A design composed of letters, usually the first letter of a name.
monolith n.
1. A large block of stone.

2. A large organization that acts as a single unit.
monologue n.
A long speech made by one performer or by one person in a group.
monopoly n.
1. Exclusive control of the trade in some item or service.

2. Sole ownership or control of anything.
unanimous adj.
Being in complete agreement.
unilateral adj.
One-sided; done by or affecting one person, group or country, etc., and not another.