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Love & Relationship Idioms & Phrasal Verbs


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to have a crush on someone
to have strong feelings of love for someone (often for a short time and with no results)
to dig someone
to like someone a lot
blind date
a date with somenoe you have never met before
to fall for someone
to begin to feel love for someone
to be going out with someone/ to be seeing someone
to go on a date or be dating someone
double date
a date where two couples do something together
to be on the rocks
to be in a state of difficulty, to be having problems (usually used for a relationship)
to be stood up
to have your date fail to appear at the appointed time or even call to cancel the date
to get picked up
to enter informally into conversation with a previously unknown person
to split up
to break up, to end a relationship
to have an affair
when someone is unfaithful; cheats on his/her partner
to make up/ "to kiss and make up"
to forgive each other after an argument, to begin to see each other again after ending a relationship
to make out
to engage in long kisses
to hit it off with someone
to get along well with someone from the first time that you meet the person
to be crazy about someone
to think that another person is wonderful