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What does selective breeding take advantage of?

naturally occuring genetic variations in plants, animals, etc to pass on desired traits to the next generation

How can breeders increase the genetic variation in a population?

Inducing mutations

What do scientists use the knowledge of structure of DNA and chem properies for?

To study and change DNA mol

What does a cell do during transformation?

takes in DNA from outside the cell and it then becomes a component of the cells DNA

What does the recom dna do if transformation is successful?

it is integrated into one of the chromo of the cell

What is biotechnology?

a new industry that is changing the way we interact with the living world

What is the Human Genome Project

an ongoing effort to analyze human DNA sequence

What does PCR stand for?

polymerase chain reaction

What happens in gene therapy?

an absent or faulty gene is replaced by a normal, working gene

What are the Four Key Questions for Bioethics?

What is the ethical question, what are the relavent facts, who or what could be affected by how the question is resolved, what are the relevant ethical considerations?

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