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Ionic Bonds and Ionic Compounds & Bonding in Metals

Ionic Compounds are composed of
cations and anions
Ionic compounds are
electrically neutral
Most ionic compounds are
crystalline solids at room temperature
Ionic compounds generally
have a high melting point
Ionic compounds can conduct
an electric current when melted or dissolved in water
Ionic compounds are compounds that contain
positive and negative ions
Valence electrons
can be modeled as a sea of electrons, they are mobile and can drift freely from one part of the metal to another
Metallic bonds
consist of the attraction of the free-floating valence electrons for the positively charged metal ions
Metal atoms are arranged in
very compact and orderly patterns
Alloys are
mixtures composed of two or more elemtns, at least one of which is a metal.
Alloys are important
because their properties are often superior to those of their component elements