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To adjust the side view mirror for the BGE mirror setting, the driver should sit in the driving position (T/F)


preventative maintenance....

- is the routine care you give your vehicle
- is outlined in the owner's manual
- includes checking fluids

tire pressure should be checked....


the rearview mirror should be adjusted to frame the back windshield (T/F)


when the mirrors are set correctly, there is no need to check the blind zones (T/F)


the steering wheel should be adjusted upward towards the face (T/F)


locking the door ensures that they will not fly open during a crash (T/F)


the lap belt should be adjusted to fit snuggly....

across the hips

the head restraint should be adjusted...

just above the ears

when seated properly, the driver's chin should be above the steering wheel (T/F)


when seated properly, the driver should be at least ___ inches from the steering wheel


driving with the hands in the 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock position....

- reduces excessive steering
- helps protect the driver from airbag injuries
- improves vehicle stability

the driver should set accessories before putting the vehicle in drive (T/F)


when using the accelerator and brake pedal, the heel of the foot should remain on the floor (T/F)


the oil should be changed every....

3000 - 5000 miles

which of the following is NOT a necessary step when approaching a vehicle?

check the tire tread depth with a penny

the side view mirrors should be adjusted to the contemporary (BGE) mirror setting, which means the driver can see....

The vehicles in the lanes beside his or her vehicle

when parked next to a curb, approach the driver's door from the...


when parking in a parking lot, approach the driver's door from the...


look in the ___ ___ to obtain information for your vehicle maintenance

glove department

check headlights...


check battery connections...

twice a year

check windshield wiper blades...


check oil...

every 1-2 months

check power steering fluid...

twice a year

check brake fluid...

every 1-2 months

list the three "driver readiness" things you should check...

- seating position
- restraints
- mirrors

the airbag cover should be pointed toward the driver's...


the correct position for the hands on the steering wheel is....

8/4 o'clock

with a properly adjusted rear-view mirror, you should be able to see at least ___ feet behind the car


to reduce blind spots and glare at night, set the side-view mirrors ___ degrees outward


Position one on the ignition switch allows you to use accessories with the engine off


when securing the vehicle, the parking brake should be set before placing the vehicle in park


the turn signal will always cancel after a turn


gears below drive provide more engine power


the horn should NOT be used to...

show anger

when the daytime running lights are in use, the tail lights are not on


all vehicles have adjustable head restraints


head restraints are designed to help reduce ___

whiplash injuries

if the driver needs to adjust the defroster, he/she should place the steering hand at the top of the steering wheel temporarily


the steering technique best suited for maintaining vehicle balance is ___

push/pull/feed (hand to hand)

braking just short of lockup is known as ___ braking


weight transfer toward or backward is known as ___


weight transfer from side to side is known as ___


if understeer occurs, weight should be transferred to the ___


one method of determining correct distance from the steering wheel is....

by extending the arm over the steering wheel until the top of the steering wheel is in line with the wrist joint

acceleration results in weight transfer ___


one hand steering is recommended for ___

backing up

the steering technique best suited in limited space maneuvers is ___

hand over hand

braking results in weight transfer ___


if the front bumper is 3/6 inches from the curb line, the line of sight will extend from the driver through ___

the front window near the mirror

the vision used to judge depth and position is ___


if there is a restriction within your line of sight it is known as ___

a closed area

LP___ is best for a right turn


the distance you can see ahead in the direction you are looking is called your....

line of sight

when the pavement line or curb appears to run through the middle of the vehicle's hood, the vehicle is ___

3/6 inches from the curb

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