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poem that tells a story
1. Celts
(Gaelic) 600 BC in Britain. Druids, oak trees- "knock on wood"
2. Romans
(Latin)Julius Caesar crossed English Channel in 55BC-established cities in London. Left in 410AD to defend Rome from Barbarians. (Rome fell in 476AD)
3. Angles/Saxons/Geats
(Germanic) Angles; Norfolk(N. folk) and Suffolk(S. folk), Saxons; Essex(E. saxons), Sussux(S. saxons), and Wessex(W. folk)
King Arthur
Romanized Britain and fought against Saxons in 510
4. Vikings
(Scandanavian) 8th c. AD; controlled N. of England
5. Norman Invasion
(French) 1066AD; coast of Normandy, William the conqueror vs. Harold, Battle of Hastings
St. Augustine was sent by Pope Gregory to Christianize England
Translated in England between 9th and 10th c. AD, but is about 6th c. Denmark. Oral tradition brought to England and written down and christianized there.
3 sources of historical info:
1. The venerable Bebe: History of English Church and People-731AD, 1st history of England 2. Tacitos-Germania 1st c. AD; wrote of customs of Germanic tribal life 3. Burial Mound at Sutton Hoo; regalia of Saxon King (England)-boat and stuff
Beowuld used:
alliteration and kennings
metaphor substitutes for a word ex.] battle=storm of swords