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  1. el día de tu santo
  2. los dulces
  3. Te presento a...
  4. las flores
  5. los pasteles en hoja
  1. a Dominican tamales
  2. b your saint's day
  3. c I'd like you to meet...
  4. d candy, sweets
  5. e flowers

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  1. to talk, to chat
  2. surprise party
  3. turnover-like pastries
  4. girl's fifteenth birthday
  5. Bye, I'll call you later

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  1. Tanto tiempo sin verte!It's great to see you!


  2. la bodawedding


  3. Lo de siempreSame as usual


  4. Qué hay de nuevo?It's great to see you!


  5. Tanto gustoSo nice to meet you