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  1. Está todo listo para...?
  2. el día de tu santo
  3. las galletas
  4. la fiesta sorpresa
  5. las empanadas
  1. a cookies
  2. b Is everything ready for...?
  3. c your saint's day
  4. d surprise party
  5. e turnover-like pastries

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  1. young people
  2. Take care
  3. candy, sweets
  4. Bye, I'll call you later
  5. to know, to meet, to be familiar with

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  1. mandarto talk, to chat


  2. charlarto talk, to chat


  3. los pasteles en hojaDominican tamales


  4. las floresflowers


  5. Qué gusto verte!It's great to see you!