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A study guide mainly on U.S. geography, but some on world geography, to help you with the Geographic Bee.


Chilkoot, a pass that is located in the Coast Mountains of Alaska, crosses into what neighboring country?

North Carolina

Cape Hatteras is located off the coast of what state?

Khyber Pass

Peshawar, a city in North-West Frontier province of Pakistan, has a strategic importance for centuries because of it's location near what historic pass?

Hells Canyon

What is the deepest gorge in the United States?

Snake River

What river joins the Columbia river and forms part of the Oregon-Idaho border?


The Ozark Plateau covers most of what state?

The Mountain State

At the beginning of the Civil War the State of Virginia voted to secede from the Union, but many people were loyal to the Union and did not want to join the Confederacy, so they split off from the rest of Virginia and they officially became a state. Name this state's nickname.


The Islands of Everglades are home to which state?


Which country sold the United States Virgin Islands to the U.S. in 1917?


What is the largest city by area in the contiguous 48 states?


The Mississippi River starts in the northern part of which state -- Wisconsin or Minnesota?


The North Platte River and the South Platte River join together and become the Platte River at what state?


How many states in the U.S. does the Rocky Mountains cover?

New Hampshire

What is the United State's 46th largest state?


Labrador is a place in New Foundland. The full name for this province is New Foundland & Labrador. The southern part of Labrador is claimed by two provinces, which are New Foundland & Labrador and what other province?


Barriers at Woolwich protect what capital city against storm surges from the North Sea?


Lake Michigan and Lake Huron seperate Michigan into two parts. The southern part (the part where Detroit is located) border Indiana and Ohio, while the northern part borders what state?

New Hampshire

Canada shares the longest border with Alaska. It shares the shortest border with what state?

Mount Whitney

What is the highest point in the contiguous 48 states?

James Bay

What bay is below the Hudson Bay in Canada?


Which country has the lowest people per square mile?


Which country is oldest?
A. Serbia
B. Czechoslovakia
C. Palau
D. Montenegro


What is the 3rd newest state (the 48th state)?

South Carolina

What is the only state to have a Palmetto Tree on it's flag?


The lowest point in Africa is Lake Assal located in what country?


What is the least populated country in Africa?


The Puget Sound is located in what state?

Colorado River

Glen Canyon is a dam is located on what river named after the Centennial State?

Lake Superior

What is the largest lake in North America located on the United States-Canada border?


Sutter Buttes is sometimes referred to as the "smallest mountain range in the world." Sutter Buttes is located in what state?


What is the geographical term for a bend or curve in any geographical feature, usually in the line between land and water?


Which state has the most bodies of water?


Everybody has freedom of speech. The Permanent Free Speech Wall is located in what state?

San Juan

What is the capital of Puerto Rico?


Yerevan is the capital of what country?


Erie is a city off the coast of Lake Erie in what state that was the 2nd state of the U.S.?


Where is Africa's largest double curvature dam located in?

Rocky Mountains

The Great Plains is located on which mountain range?


How many states start with the letter W?


The Mississippi River flows through what state -- Louisiana or Indiana?

Great Salt Lake

What lake is in between the Great Basin and the Rocky mountains?

Lake Victoria

What is the largest lake in Africa?

Equatorial Guinea

Papua New Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Guinea all have 'guinea' in it's names. Name the other country that has 'guinea in it's name.


Reunion is part of what country?


The countries the equator crosses in South America is Brazil, Ecuador, and what other country?


The equator crosses a country. If you travel west on the equator you will reach the intersection of the Prime Meridian and the Equator in the Gulf of Guinea. Name this country.


Swahili is the official language in Tanzania, Uganda, Comoros (as Comorian) and what other country?
A. Ethiopia
B. Rwanda
C. Kenya
D. Democratic Republic of the Congo


The intersection of one latitude line of 60 degrees and longitude line of 120 degrees form an intersection at what Canadian territory?


Which country had the highest copper production in 2009?


Which country is part of the UN?
A. Kosovo
B. Vatican City
C. San Marino
D. Taiwan

Abu Rawash

The Egyptians built many pyramids. One pyramid was the pyramid of Djedefre. Djedefre was Khufu's son. The pyramid of Djedefre is located in what city?

Prudhoe Bay

In 1968, one of the largest oil reserves in North America was found in a bay in Alaska's North Slope Region. Name this bay.

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