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Flashcards to help Year 9 revise for the Hitler & Stalin essay. I've done three examples.

What party did hitler join?

German workers party.

What was Hitler's illegal activity in his early life?

He tried to overthrow the government.

What was Stalin's illegal activity in his early life?

He robbed banks.

What party did Hitler soon rule?

The Nazi Party.

What party did Stalin come to rule?

The communist party

How did Stalin make Trotsky not attend the funeral?

He told Trotsy the wrong date so he didn't show up making it easier for Stalin to pose as the best friend of the dead leader

Hitler hated communism - so how did it help him become leader of Germany?

some people were scared of communism so he knew if he said he would destroy it if he became leader then those people would vote for him.

What type of leaders were Hitler and Stalin.

They were both dictators.

The Bolsheviks took power in a revolution in Russia in...

October 1917.

Lenin died in...


What was the five-year plan designed to do?

Turn Russia from a peasant society to global industrial power.

Which leadership qualities did Stalin have?

Good at organising, devious, made good alliances.

How did Hitler change the lives for women?

He believed that women should stay at home, cook and clean. They were also encouraged to have lots of children.

How did Stalin change the lives for women?

Stalin believed that women should be independent and not just fulfil the domestic role of caring for the home and family.

What party did Hitler join?

He joined the German Workers Party. Later he became in charge and changed it to the Nazi's Party.

What does Stalin's name mean?

Stalin means "Man of Steel".

What did HItler do to keep young people who joined the HItler Youth happy?

He provided camping and sports activities for young people.

What did Hitler promise to do with the treaty of Versailles ?

He promise to tear it up

Why did he want to tear up the treaty of Versailles ?

Because it blame Germany alone for the First World War

When did Hilter become chancellor ?

In January 1933

What did Stalin and Hitler have in Common ?

They both had bad relationships with their fathers.

Who developed the idea of Communism during the industrial revolution in the 19th century?

Karl Marx.

In 1929 an economic disaster began called the ________?

Great Depression

In 1932, what percentage of votes did the Nazi win?


Who was the chief of the Nazi Propaganda?

Joseph Goebbles.

What methods of control did both Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia use?

Terror Methods (secret police, concentration camps) and propaganda (mass rallies etc.)

What were concentration camps in Russia called?


Which leadership qualities did Hitler and Stalin have in common?

devious and ruthless

Which parties were the two main rivals of the Nazis?

The Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party

How many times did Stalin exile to Serbia

twice, but he managed escape

Hitler was a great public ______? But Stalin wasn't.


What did HItler change the name of the German workers party to?

Nazi party.

What party did Hitler join?

German workers party.

Did Stalin and Hitler like each other?


Is it true that Hitler was a good public speaker?


What happened to Trotsky after Stalin won power?

Trotsky was exiled.

How Great Depression helped Hitler to become a dictator?

Germany was economically bad at that time as the USA wanted loans back. Bankruptcies and high unemployment increased. Many German people believed that this was because of democracy and support Nazis and communists.

How Nazis kept workers happy?

They tried to keep workers happy with 'Strength through Joy' which gave free holidays and tickets for sports and theatres.

How school curricula of Nazis were different?

Lots of PE - make boys fit and tough
Lots of German History - teach military victories and how Hitler was the saviour of Germany
Girls were taught home - making and childcare
Biology - Aryan race was superior in intelligence, danger of mixing with other races
Maths - understand guns and artillery

How Hitler joined German Worker's Party?

Hitler was sent as a spy by the army to German Worker's Party. He was listening to the conversations of people in there, and found himself agreeing with their ideas.

What is Stalin real name?

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

What happened in 1930?

The Great Depression.

What is Stalin good at ?

Using his power.

What race dose Hilter believe to be the " master race" ?


What does the children learn in Hitler Youth math class ?

Help to understand gun and artillery.

What is the illegal activity that Stalin had done ?

Rob bank

What did Hilter believe about women ?

All women must be housewife only, they can't stay single and must have baby.

What did Hitler do in 1923 that resulted in him being arrested?

He attempted a coup d'état in Munich, which became known as the Beer Hall Putsch.

What did Hitler do while he was arrested?

He wrote his memoir, called: "Mein Kampf" which in english means: "My Struggle".

For how long did Hitler stay arrested?

For about a year, he didn't stay arrested for long as the courts mainly agreed with his ideas.

What is a Putsch / coup d'état?

A Putsch or coup d'état is when a government is overthrown using military force.

Approximately how many Jews did Hitler murder?

He killed (approximately) 6 million Jews. Not much, right?

What did Stalin believe in?

He believed in Communism.

When was Joseph Stalin born?

Stalin was born in 1879

How did they change young peoples lives?

Hitler believed he had a way of his own to educate young people, that if he can control them now then later he would be able to control the future.

Who was Leon Trotsky ?

He was Stalin's rival during the power struggle to become leader of the soviet union.

How did they keep control of Terror..?

The terror was Hitler telling you he would kill you if you didnt do what he wanted you to do and thats how he would keep in control of people.

Who killed more people?


What party did Hitler spied on?

German Workers Party

What was the name of the secret police


When did HItler born?


What was Stalin good at? (as a leadership quality)

Organising and making alliances

What is the basic idea of communism?

There shouldn't be a division between rich and poor.

What mistake had Trotsky done?

He underestimated Stalin. He put little effort to build up support from Communist Party.

How was the life of workers under Hitler's control?

All workers had to join the 'German Labour Front'. While schemes provided cheap cinema tickets, leisure activities. However, the factories working time increased and wages decreased. They built schools, buildings and made weapons and so on.

What did German boys did in PE lesson?

They did hard exercises like boxing

______ are the people that Hitler believe are true germans.


When Trotsky is being unlucky what is Stalin being?


What where both Hitler and stalin like?

Ruthless and Divious.

What did Hitler think about commuism?

Hitler HATED it.

What where the 2 things that Stalin was good when he was a leader?

He was clever and hard working.

when hitler were born?


what hapen to Stalin's father?

his father abandoned the family

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