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Spinal Cord


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What is an example of a synovial joint in the spinal column?
-facet joints b/w superior articular facet of vertebra with inferior articular facet of vertebra above it
-joint b/w C1 and C2 (atlas and axis)
What's an example of a secondary cartilaginous joint in the vertebral column?
anterior intervetebral joints (vertebrae connected by hyaline cartilage and intervertebral disks)
What muscle is involved in lateral flexion of the spine?
quadratus lumborum
Quadratus lumborum
O: iliac crest
I: rib 12, transverse processes of L1-L4
A: lateral flexion of lumbar spine
N: lumbar plexus
B: lumbar arteries, lumbar branch of iliolumbar a.
What is the most important extensor of the spine?
erector spinae (spinalis, longissimus, iliocostalis)
What fills the epidural space?
fat, loose CT, and blood vessels
Where does the dural sac end?
What are the contents of the suboccipital triangle?
-vertebral a.
-suboccipital n. (dorsal ramus of C1 spinal n.)
-suboccipital venus plexus
What forms the boundaries of the suboccipital triangle?
-rectus capitis posterior major (above and medial)
-Obliquus capitis superior (above and lateral)
-Obliquus capitis inferior (below)