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epiphyseal disc

called the growth plate/band of hyaline cartilage at end of long bones;longitudial bone growth occurs here


this cell is responsible for bone resorption/eroding activity of this cell remodels and expands the medullary cavity


this type of bone has a punched or Swiss Cheese appearance/cancellous bone


the enlarged end of a long bone


a bone building cell

bone marrow

site of blood cell formation


the shaft of a long bone


inner lining of the medullary cavity of a long bone


mature bone cell

haversian system

microscopic unit of compact bone also called an osteon

articular cartilage

found on the outer surface of the epiphysis

medullary cavity

hollow center of the shaft of the bone


tough outer connective tissue covering the diaphysis of a long bone


bony plates found in spongybone

compact bone

dense hard type of bone

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