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Test 2 Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology
Produce blood cells
The red marrow of bone functions to:
Organ protection, energy storage, thermal insulation
The hypodermis is rich in adipose, thus its functions include:
In a broken bone, the soft callus is formed of:
A synarthrosis is:
David and his lost boys stop for a little bite to eat as the roar through Santa Carla, the rosy glow to their cheeks from increased bloodflow in the vessels of their skin would be:
Kill bacteria, waterproof tympanum, keep out bugs
Ceruminous glands do these things:
Electrolyte (salt) secretion
This is not a protective feature of skin:
Lubricates skin and provides bacteria resistance
Sebum is a secretion that:
Slow closure of epiphyseal plates, greater height (More than one of the above)
The elimination or blockage of estrogen receptors in males and females will lead to:
Cartilage model develops, Cartilage calcifies and bone collar forms, Ossification center forms in diaphysis, Ossification centers form in epiphyses, Bone replaces cartilage, Plates ossify.
The steps in the process of endochondral ossification are:
Reticular layer of dermis
Vitamin C is essential for normal collagen synthesis. If a pirate suffered from a Vitamin C deficiency, which layer of the skin would be most affected?
The [x] joint is the simplest synovial joint and also the least mobile synovial joint.
This region of bone contains the epiphyseal plate:
Increased growth hormone after adolescence.
Acromegaly results from:
Hypocalcemia and depolarization of cells
As David Kessler goes through his painful transformation into an American werewolf in London, we see enormous amounts of bone growth and he appears to go into extreme muscle contractions. With your understanding of bone remodeling this makes sense as the osteoblastic activity would lead to:
Endochondral ossification
The formation of bone from a cartilaginous model is termed:
Shock absorption
The primary function of the longitudinal arch of the feet is:
Bone cells derived from the fusion of many monocytes and are responsible for the breakdown of bone are:
Contains trichosiderin and is oval in cross section
As Victoria prepares to battle the Cullens with her bright red wavy hair blowing in the wind, which of the following would only be true for her hair and shape:
Alcide Hervaux (a werewolf) suffers from a condition resulting in becoming exceedingly hairy under the full moon. This condition is known as:
Elana begins to develop pain in her joints. She first notices it in her big toes, but after walking around a little she notices that the pain goes away. Elana is most likely developing:
The most common joint in the human body is:
liver; calcidiol
Cholecalciferol has a hydroxyl group added in the [x] to become [x].
Osteoblasts become osteocytes
As the bone matrix calcifies and the secreting cells become walled in:
The epiphyseal plate is actually a temporary cartilaginous joint called a:
Squamous cell carcinoma
George (a werewolf (BBC) aka Josh (SyFi)) has developed a skin cancer from changing forms between human and wolf. The cancer arises within the cells of the stratum spinosum and has risk for metastasizing to other areas of the body via the lymphatic system. This is like a:
fibrous; amphiarthrosis
Structurally, a syndesmosis is a [x] joint; functionally it is a [x].
Long bone growth occurs at the:
All joints contain some cartilage
Which is not correct regarding articulations?
Water storage
Bone serves all of the following except:
Based on its range of motion, the elbow is classified as a(n) [x] joint.
The layer of the epidermis responsible for producing glycolipids to aid in "waterproofing" the skin is the stratum [x].
2nd Degree Burn
Damon Salvatore (a vampire) is caught outside in daylight without his protective ring resulting in a very painful burn and blistering. This would be a:
Quasimodo suffered from an exaggerated curvature of the thoracic vertebrae that gave him his nickname called:
Cartilaginous and amphiarthrosis
The pubic symphysis is a [x] joint.
It is composed of dense regular connective tissue.
Which is not true of the periosteum?
While trying to find a cure for leukemia, Peter Parker is bitten by a tick from one of this radioactive experimental rats, besides becoming a loathsome, blood-sucking parasite, his osteoclasts begin working at an accelerated rate leading to condition similar to:
Neutrophils and macrophages
The two types of leukocytes that clean up debris underneath the blood clot of a would are:
Hydrophilic protein based chemicals
One type of contraceptive device is a skin patch that contains a chemical absorbed through the skin. Which of the following substances might be the type of chemical involved?
Level of weight bearing exercise when young.
The most important factor in preventing osteoporosis is:
is responsible for the skin's structural strength
The dermis:
Lestat (a vampire) has very pale skin due to his avoidance of ultraviolet radiation which is needed to activate the enzyme tyrosinase in the:
He has fewer functinal hair follicles, and fewer sebaceous glands.
Bob was completely bald on the top of his head by the time he was 35. Bob noticed he still produced abundant sweat on his head when he exercised. He also noticed his scalp was no longer oily. Which of the following changes account for his observations?
is an area of maturation of collagen in preparation for crystallization
The zone of hypertrophy of the epiphyseal plate
The most common form of fracture in children is:
Increased PTH causes Osteoclastic activity to:
Increased PTH causes Calcium resorption in the kidney to:
Increased PTH causes Phosphate absorption in the kidney to:
Remain the same.
Increased PTH causes Calcitonin production to:
Increased PTH causes blood Calcium levels to: