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Lesson 2 Key Words


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trilogy n.
A group of three literary or musical works that have a related theme.
trisect v.
To divide into three parts.
triumvirate n.
A group of three, especially in authority.
quadrant n.
1. In mathematics, a quarter of a circle or of its circumference.

2. An early machine for measuring altitudes.

3. Any of the four parts of an area divided by perpendicular lines.
quartet n.
1. A musical composition for four voices or instruments.

2. A set of four, especially of four musicians
quatrain n.
A stanza or group of four lines of poetry.
decimate v.
1. To destroy a large part of.

2. To kill one in every ten.
decathlon n.
An athletic contest in which each contestant takes part in ten events.
As a noun: A two-hundredth anniversary.

As an adjective: Happening every 200 years.
As an adjective: Pertaining to a 100-year period.

As a noun: A centennial.
centigrade adj.
Referring to a thermometer scale of 100 degrees where water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees.