Bill of Rights Vocabulary

Freedom of Assembly
The right to gather or hold meetings
Freedom to Petition
The right to ask the government to do something to stop doing something
Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Persons or property being searched or taken by the government without reason or evidence.
Being forced to testify against yourself in court.
To indict
To formally accuse someone of a crime
Double Jeopardy
Being tried twice for the same crime.
Money an accused person gives the court as a guarantee that he or she will appear for trial
Not listed
Lies said on purpose to damage someone's interest or reputation
Words or pictures that display sexual activity in an offensive manner
Subversive Speech
Words involving national secrets or plots to overthrow the government
Encouraging someone to commit a crime
Lying under oath
Corporal Punishment
Physical punishment
To abridge a right
To limit a right
To waive a right
To give one of your rights up
Majority Opinion
The decision agreed to by more than half the members of a court. The opinion explains the courts decision.
Dissenting Opinion
A decision written by one or more judges who disagree with the majority opinion.