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break down
to stop working (of machinery)
break down
to lose control emotionally or mentally.
break up
to end; to separate.
(of a marriage / a family / a relationship etc.)
bring up
to take care of a child until it is fully grown and able to
care for itself; to train and prepare a child for adult life.
calm down
to become less excited and tense; to help someone (or a
difficult situation) to become less excited and tense. a person / a difficult situation etc.
check in
to report one's arrival.
at a hotel, an airport etc.
cheer up
to become happier.
come across
to find or meet by chance.
something or someone
come up with
to think of; to produce.
an idea / a plan / a suggestion etc.
drop out
to withdraw from, or stop taking part in (a competition, a
social group, a school, a university, a job etc.).
fill in
a form/a questionnaire etc. to complete (a form).
find out
to make an effort to discover or get to know (something).
the truth / a secret / an address / the time /
get away with
to do something wrong or illegal without being punished
(usually without even being discovered or caught).
get over
to recover from (something)
an illness / a failure / a difficulty / a shock etc.
give up
to stop doing or having (something).(of an habitual activity, smoking / drinking / a job etc.)
go for
to attack.
a person, an animal.
grow up
to develop from a child into an adult.
hold on
to wait (especially on the telephone).
look after
to take care of someone or something
look for
to try to find (something or someone), often a thing or
person that is lost.
look forward to
to think with pleasure about a future event that you
expect to enjoy.
look up
to find (or try to find) something (e.g. a telephone
number) in a book (e.g. a telephone directory).
make up for
to compensate for.
mistake / doing or not doing something
pass away
to die.(usually of a person)
pass out
to lose consciousness.
pick up
to give someone a ride in a vehicle; to collect someone
or something (sometimes in a vehicle).
point out
to draw attention to something or someone.
run into
to meet by chance.
run out
to use all of (something) and have no more left.
of coffee / sugar / money / patience / time etc.
see off
to say goodbye to someone who is going on a journey at
the place (e.g. airport, station etc.) where the journey
speak up
to speak louder.
often used in the imperative
take after
to look or be like an older relative.
take off
to rise from the ground.(of an aeroplane)
think over
to consider (something) carefully.
a problem / a proposal / a situation etc.
try on
to put on an article of clothing to see if it fits and how it looks.
a hat / a new pair of shoes / a dress etc.