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History GCSE course 2016-2019


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armistice date
11 November 1918
Treaty of Versailles signing date
28 June 1919
Left Wing rebellions in Germany
1919 Spartacists put down by Freicorps; 1919 communists worker's party seize power
Right wing terrorism in Germany
Kapp Putsch, March 1920 Freicorps rebelled and took over Berlin; Matthias Erzberger assassinated 1922; Walter Rathenau assassinated; Munich Putsch 1923
What weakened the Weimar Republic
weak government; left wing rebellions; right wing rebellions; reparations and inflation; Munich putsch
Main aims of the treaty of Versailles
Enforce; Peaceful negotiation; humanitarian; Collective security; disarmament
three major powers of the league
economic, verbal, threat of military force, sanctions
Border dispute successes by the League
Aaland Islands; Mosul; Bulgaria-Greece; Upper Silesian disupte
Border dispute failures by the league
1923 Corfu; Russo-Polish War;
Geneva Protocol
1925; in any dispute refer to the league; GB refused to sign
Germany joining the league
1926, success of the league
Locarno treaties
1925; enabled Germany to be part of the League
Why did America not join the League of Nations?
Dislike of treaty of Versailles; Cost; Isolationism; Dislike of old empires
Affects of Great Depression
Political; Economical; Self-interest; Trade declines; unemployment; poverty