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OpenOffice Impress is a

presentation program

A free alternative to Adobe Photoshop that can be used to edit images is


What kind of software can be installed on as many computers as you wish?

Open source software

Which is a popular open source program for creating diagrams and charts?


What new feature of Mac OS Lion acts as a command center for the desktop?

Mission Control

By default, files saved in Write use which extension?


Which statement about Linux is FALSE?

Because so many developers contribute to the OS, Linux is a prime target for hackers.

What is NOT necessarily an advantage of building your own computer?

Having outside support if something goes wrong

One popular Linux distro is


When building your own computer, which of these should not be included with the motherboard

Drive bay

Which statement about notebook computer is FALSE?

Notebooks typically have longer lifespan than desktop computers.

SSD is classified as what type of storage?


To document a problem you are having, you can use

Problem Steps Recorder

If you want your system to run reliably, you should

defragment the hard drive

Which best describes RAID 0 technology?

Saved data is spread across two hard drives.

CPUs have several internal components, including

L2 cache, ALU, Level 1 cache memory

Which is NOT a type of video port?

USB 3.0

A sound card that supports 7.1 surround sound will drive

8 speakers

SuperFetch is a memory-management technique that

preloads the applicants you use most into system memory

What is the name for the time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data and make it available for processing?

Access time

Each device connected to a network is known as a


Which of the following is a disadvantage of setting up a network?

even peer-to-peer networks require some degree of network administration

The most common type of network installed in the home is a


A small network deployed in a home is referred to as a


The part of the network that establishes a communications channel between the nodes of the network is known as

transmission media

Throughput speed is always

less than or equal to bandwidth

The network navigation that sends data packets to their intended node on a network is called a


The fastest broadband Internet service is usually


All of the following are methods to secure your wireless network EXCEPT

disable WEP

The device used to move data between two networks is called a


Which is NOT a typical use of parallel processing systems?

Word processing

What is another name for the base 10 number system?

Decimal notation

Which encoding scheme can represent the alphabets of all modern and historic languages?


Moore's Law is best described as

an observation of the rate of increasing transistor density.

To regulate the internal timing of a computer system, the motherboard uses

a system clock

Special areas of memory storage built into the CPU are known as


Which is the correct set of steps in the machine cycle?

fetch, decode, execute, store

All data inside the computers is stored as


Which statement about pipelining is FALSE?

pipelining requires a less complicated hardware design

From fastest to slowest, which is the fastest sequence of accessing memory?

registers, level 1 cache, level 2 cache, RAM

Which is NOT a factor that determines the quality of images taken with a digital camera?


Cloud technology is important to mobile device owners because it

allows instant synchronization of multiple devices

The operating system of your cell/smartphone is stored in

read-only memory

The quickest way to distribute your band's new song to a lot of listeners is to

use an application to post it on Facebook

P2P is an acronym for

peer-to-peer sharing

An analog signal is different from a digital signal because

it is continuous

Flash memory is a type of

nonvolatile memory

VoIP is phone service that

works over an Internet connection

Which of the following is NOT true about modern televisions?

they run word processing and spreadsheet software

Which service allows you to use your cell/smartphone to send messages that contain images?


When a hacker steals personal information with the internet of impersonating another individual to commit fraud this is known as

identity theft

Viruses that activate on certain dates or with the passage of time are known as

time bombs

Unlike a virus, _____ do not require human interaction to spread on their own


Antivirus software works by detecting virus code unique to a particular virus known as a

virus signature

Which tool do hackers use to gain access to and take control of your computer?

backdoor programs

A computer that a hacker has gained control of in order to launch DoS attacks is known as a _____ computer.


Software designed to close logical ports in your computer is known as a(n)


Devices that use unique personal characteristics such as fingerprints or iris patterns to identify authorized computer users are called _____ devices.

biometric authentication

Programs that attempt to trick you into buying software by pretending your computer is infected with a virus fall into the class of malware known as


A backup of only files that have changed since the last backup was executed is known as a(n)

incremental backup

The individual responsible for making a Web site easy to navigate are referred to as

interface designers

What type of job involves a great deal of travel and the ability to work independently?

field based

Which position is NOT typically a part of the information systems department?

Helpdesk analysts

Outsourcing is though to be an attractive option for many companies because of

the cost savings that can be realized

Which role best describes those employees who design solutions to problems?

systems analysts

Which of the following statements about IT careers is true?

IT jobs require frequent interaction with others

Which task is NOT typically preformed by a network administrator?

web site programming

Social media directors are the people who are responsible for

orchestrating the company strategy in online venues

The oldest scientific computing organization is the

Association for Computing Machinery

Which position is part of the Web development department/

web content creator

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