Drivers ED 2017


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Learners License Age 15-17
• Must always drive accompanied by a
licensed driver, age 21 or older, who
rides in the closest seat to the right of
the driver.

• Must only drive during daylight hours
during the first 3 months ater earning
learner license. Ater 3 months, may
drive until 10 P M .

• Must have at least 50 hours driving
experience prior to getting Class E
License, and 10 hours should be at night.
Licensed Driver Age 16
Must not drive between 11 P M to 6
A M unless driving to or from work OR
accompanied by a licensed driver who
is age 21 or older.
Licensed Driver Age 17
Must not drive between 1A M to
5A M unless driving to or from work OR
accompanied by a licensed driver who
is age 21 or older
Driving Record Points
Any driver under the age of 18 who
accumulates 6 or more points within
a 12 month period is automatically
restricted for one year to driving for
"Business Purposes ONLY."
Always carry your driver license with
you when driving, and always have
proof of vehicle registration and
insurance with you in the vehicle you
are driving
Getting Ready to Drive
Before you start your engine:
• be sure vehicle is in park or neutral.
• adjust the seat so you can reach all controls.
• adjust all rear-view mirrors so that you can use them without having to lean forward or backward.
• move anything that blocks your view of mirrors or roadway.
• lock all car doors.
• put on your seat belt and make sure all passengers do the same.
Equipment Standards
The equipment on your car must meet certain standards. You may be stopped at any time by law
enforcement for a vehicle inspection.
Required Equipment
Two braking systems. Each must be able to stop the car alone.
The parking or emergency brake should be strong enough to
hold the car on any hill.
Low Beam Headlights
Show objects 150 feet ahead. Visible from 1,000 feet.
High Beam Headlights
Show objects 450 feet ahead. Visible from 1,000 feet.
Two red taillights. Visible from 1,000 feet.
Directional Signals
Amber or white (front) or red (rear). Visible from 500 feet.
Heard from a distance of 200 feet.
At least one rear-view mirror with view 200 feet to the rear
Brake lights
Two red brake lights. Visible from 300 feet in the daytime
Must be safety glass and may not be covered or treated with
any material that makes the windshield reflective or nontransparent.
Must be free of any stickers not required by law.
Windshield Wiper
In good working order to clear the driver's view.
Side & Rear Windows*
May not be composed of, covered by, or treated with any
material which has a highly reflective or mirrored appearance
and reflects more than 25% of the light (side windows) or more
than 35% of the light (rear window).
License Plate Light
White light that makes the plate visible from 50 feet.
Should have visible tread of at least 2/32 of an inch across the
base with no worn spots showing the ply.