54 terms

Unit 2 Test Practice

tempted Jesus to act outside of God's plan
"Throw yourself from the temple to announce yourself as Messiah"
primary Greek unit of liquid measurement
religious leaders who were experts on the Mosaic Law
city where Jesus met the woman at the well
general term for religious authorities
tempted Jesus' fleshly desire
"Turn these stones to bread."
fundamental problem with mankind
their were multiple wines in Israel
Two Wine Theory
religious leaders that ministered in the temple
to say the same thing / to agree with
John the Baptist
called himself "a voice"
reason why John and Samson never cut their hair
Nazarite Vow
shortest route from Judea to Galilee
tempted Jesus' eyes
"I will give you all the nations."
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are referred to as the ___.
Did Nicodemus' faith in Christ ever changed?
testing; power
___ is the prelude to ___.
an acorn
What example did we use from the natural world to describe what Jesus' Incarnation was like?
Where were the Seleucids from?
The Governor of the Feast
Who was in charge of keeping order at the wedding?
What day of the week did Jewish brides traditionally get married on?
According to Matthew, "Jesus is the new ___."
a new creation
When the Israelites walked through the the Red Sea, the Jews became what?
Satan strikes when we are week and he will return.
What does the phrase "until an opportune time" teach us about how satan works?
Which religious group encouraged extreme obedience to the Law of Moses?
They were empty. They were made of stone.
What were the two problems with the water pots at the wedding?
spiritual ignorance; spiritual pride; spiritual confusion
What were the three spiritual problems of the pharisees?
In which city did Jesus meet the woman at the well?
In which region did Jesus meet the woman at the well?
In what city did the wedding Jesus attended take place?
In what region did the wedding Jesus attended take place?
What is the doctrine that teaches that "God took on flesh in the form of Jesus Christ?"
What do we call the process of God making the old into something new?
quoting Scripture
What was Jesus' primary strategy that He used to resist temptation?
Jews; Samaritans
The ___ and the ___ were enemies in Israel.
Who was primarily in charge of temple worship?
Because Luke wrote to Greeks, he argued that Jesus is the new ___.
living water
Jesus is the "___ ___" mentioned in John 4.
physical birth
What does "born of water" mean?
eternal life
Living water means ___.
Jesus and ___ both freed the Israelites from slavery of some kind.
truly, truly
Jesus used the phrase "__, ___" to emphasize about the importance of the new birth.
At the well did Jesus instruct the woman how to evangelize?
Did God instruct Israel to completely separate from the world?
Jesus used the story of Moses and the bronze serpent to explain ___.
Deut. was used to teach Israel God's Law, to warn them of their parent's failures, and to prepare them to conquer the land.
Why did Jesus choose to quote from the book of Deuteronomy to resist His temptations?
by using terms, examples, etc. that the audience understands
How does the audience that an author is writing to affect what they actually write?
Elijah; the prophet
What two names did the Pharisees use when they asked John who he was?
Is being drunk with wine a sin?
God's glory
Jesus turned the water into wine not for His mother but to manifest ___.
Souls are saved. New life begins. God's glory is made known.
What are the results that are produced when we work alongside Christ?
The highest level of Jewish government was the ___.
In what city did Jesus meet Nicodemus?
John 7 and 19
What specific evidence from the Bible shows us that Nicodemus became bolder in his faith in Christ?