Division Number Stories

Interpreting remainders and writing equations
61/ 7 = t
round the answer up
t= 9 tables
Jazmin is going to celebrate her quincenera with her family. There will be 61 people at the party. If each table will fit 7 people, how many tables do you need?
report it as a fraction or decimal
c= $6.20 or 6 and 1/5
Jaguar, Clayton, and three other teammates are going to buy their coach a new hat. The hat costs $31 dollars including tax. How much did each student contribute to the gift?
$30/$8= p
ignore the remainder
p= 3 packs
Yu Gi Oh cards cost $8 a pack including tax. How many packs can you buy with $30?
22/4 = c
round the answer up
c= 6 cars
Jose is celebrating his birthday at Crazy Bounce. Their are 22 people that need to get there and each car holds 4 people. How many cars will they need?
50/6 = d
ignore the remainder
d = 8 days
Christal feeds her crabs 6 pellets a day. She has 50 pellets. How many days will she have enough food for her crabs?