Ch. 21 Absolute Monarchs in Europe

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Charles V- Spain, Spain America, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, HRE (Germany)
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What challenges did France face?War of the Spanish Succession, in 1701 England, Austria, the Dutch Republic, Portugal, and some German and Italian states joined together to prevent the union of French and Spanish thrones. Utrecht was signed in that yearWhat challenges did Austria face?Seven Year's war- countries allied together and went to war against their enemies. The British came out as the real victors in the seven year's warWhen Ferdinand II closed some Protestant churches, the Protestants revolted. Ferdinand sent an army into Bohemia to crush the revolt. Serveral German Protestant princes took this chance to challenge their Catholic emperor. Thus began this war, a conflict over religions and territory and for power among European ruling families. The war can be divided into 2 main phases; the phase of Hapsburg triumph and the phase of Hapsburg defeats. Peace of Westphalia ended the war.Thirty Year's WarBohemia (with France) vs. Austria Hapsburgs (with Spain)Thirty Year's WarFrance FamilyBourbonAustria FamilyHapsburgSpain FamilyHapsburgPrussia FamilyHonezoilernPrussian noblesJunkersFrench protestantsHuguenotsFirst Russian familyRurikid2nd Russian familyRomanov (Peter the Great)In 1740, Frederick sent his army to occupy Silesia, beginning of this war. Even though the nobles resented their Hapsburg rulers, they pledged to give Maria Theresa an army. Great Britain also joined Austria to fight its longtime enemy France, which was Prussia's ally. Although Maria Theresa did stop Prussia's aggression, she lost Silesia in the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748. With the acquisition of Silesia, Prussia became a major European powerThe War of Austrian SuccessionIn 1756, Frederick attacked Saxony, an Austrian ally. Soon every great European power was involved in the war. Fought in Europe, India, and North America, the war lasted until 1763. The war did not change the territorial situation in EuropeThe Seven Year's WarIn 1572, this was in Paris and sparked a six-week nationwide slaughter of HuguenotsSt. Bartholomeu's Day MassacreEnded the thirty year's war, had important consequencesPeace of WestphaliaThrew Ferdinand II out the windowThe defenestration of PragueCharles the VI was like leave my daughter to be a rulerThe pragmatic Sanction of 1713After Ivan's son died without a heir, Russia experienced a period of turmoil known as this. Boyars struggled for power, and heirs of czars died under mysterious conditions. Several impostors tried to claim the throneTime of TroublesHow did Peter westernize Russia?potatoes, newspaper, raised women's status, Western fashion, advanced education