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Greece is made up of many ...

no good farming

patches of farmland=

peninsula and mountains

_____________ and _______________ isolated greece from other civilizations.

traded and sailed

they ______________ and ___________________


they also _______________


minoans lived on______________

writing and language

what were two things the misoneans and minoans had in common

the misoneans beat the minoans

why did the two cultures (misoneans and minoans) blend

trojan war


ilias and Odessey

what two poems did Homar write


dark ages=__________________


what kind of government was greece

cities states

aristocrates, tyrants, democracy


_____________ governments that citezens govern themselves and stay rulers


people who ceased power and were usually supported by the middle and working class

aristocrat of members of rich and powerful famil's that could buy whatever they needed

most city states were led by ______________________________________

seperate independent country

A city-state is not only a city but also a ____________________________

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