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An internet-based crime is referred to as a ____ crime.
An individual who illegally downloads copyrighted-protected software is referred to as a ____.
information security is implemented at the individual machine level, the computer network level, and the ____ level.
A common form of authentication is a ____.
an item such as a smart card is an example of the _____ form of authentication
something you have
the Mac computer employs the ____ system to encrypt its file data.
through the use of ____, data is secured when it is stored and transported over a network.
a popular encryption method used to protect data that travels over a network is ____ .
a ____ is commonly packaged with a new computer system.
rescue disk
businesses prefer to use technology known as ____ to create an exact copy of their files for backup.
____ permissions provide registered users with access to the files they need, while restricting access to private resources.
the job of the ____ administrator is to control who has access to various network resources such as files and folders.
you enter the wrong GPS position for the start point on a trip you are about to take: this is an example of ____.
a data entry error
People's mistakes can lead t problems with ____ of computer systems and information.
businesses are working to control information ____ by not allowing employees to store important data on their laptop computers.
stolen information can be used by all of the following EXCEPT ____ .
government agencies to garnish wages
corporate network administrators have the right to do all of the following EXCEPT ____ .
install a web cam in an employee's home
when starting a new job, you may need to sign a ____ that defines acceptable and unacceptable uses of computer and network resources.
network usage policy
to protect your wireless devices and the information they hold, you should set up your ____ to only connect to the SSIDs of your computers.
in a Wi-Fi network, ____ can be configured to help protect your security.
access points
which of the following is NOT a realistic way to ensure Internet security?
Avoid client/server networks
a company may hire a ____ hacker to learn about vulnerabilities in its system.
in a practice called ____ ,someone may manipulate people into performing actions of divulging confidential information on the Internet.
social engineering
an important function of a firewall is to protect all the ____ of a network or computer from undesirable data.
a ____ ma be used to censor data that may bot be dangerous but may be undesirable.
a ____ allows hackers to gain access to important code or information in a software program.
security hole
software companies rely on ____ to "fix" problems in their programs related to bugs and flaws.
criminals collect items such as credit card numbers without the knowledge of the user through the use of ____ .
a ____ computer is remotely controlled by a hacker to damage or corrupt a computer resource.
all of the following help keep your information secure EXCEPT ____ .
accessing P2P networks
all fo the following are examples of malware EXCEPT ____ .
in a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the services of a ____ can be halted.
Internet server
The ____ was established to secure and monitor security risks to the U.S. networks and the internet.
you can protect yourself from identity theft by using ____ when transmitting information over the network connections.
Sites such as eBay are a popular target for ____ .
Internet fraud