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which of the following is NOT an example of digital media?


____ media is programming or music that can be accessed any time of the day, regardless of the television and radio schedules.


the kindle is an example of a ____ device.


the launch of the ____ resulted in various tablet devices entering the market.


companies such as ____ have connected with libraries to digitize millions of books.


traditional ____ media uses newspapers, magazines, and books to deliver information and entertainment.


one way newspapers can stay active in the online delivery model is to ____ .

provide only headline stories for free

online newspapers are delivered through ____ to news readers.


digitized sound can be ____ for secure communication.


criminal cases have been solved through the process of identifying a digitally recorded human voice known as ____ identification.


thanks to ____ communications, the radio industry has been transformed .


when you digitize a sound wave, you measure and record its ____ at regular time intervals called sampling rate.


a digital ____ file can be copied and transferred to a variety of formats and media.


a digital voice recorder receives sound through a ____ .


____ is the technology used to distribute blogs and other regular updated online content to which people can subscribe.


the most popular way to access podcasts on the web is through ____ software.


one major limitation of native digital audio formats is their ____ .

file size

the ____ audio format is most popular among digital music users.


with mp3 file compression, a music file can be reduces to less than ____ of its original size.


apple,amazon and google provide services that let suers store their music ____, making it accessible to the owner from any internet connected device.

in the could

____ is a Web-based music service and player that builds a streaming"radio station" around the listener's musical tastes.


the process of transferring music from CD to MP3 or another digital audio format is known as ____ a CD.


which of the following is a popular satellite radio service in the United States?


the ____ model of music distribution allows listeners to enjoy free music online with ads, or without ads for a monthly fee.


which of the following is a subscription digital radio model with no commercials or advertising?


digital images are made up of a grid of small points called ____ .


an example of a vector graphic image is ____ .

clip art

the RGB value ____ displays the color black.


the ____ works using blended colors such as those applied by your printer's ink cartridges when printing.

CMYK color model

____ graphics software allows the user to layer and group objects.


an example of a vector graphics software application is ____ .


all of the following are examples of graphics file formats EXCEPT for ____ .


most digital cameras use the default ____ file format to compress the size of photos.


a 2D model can be changed into a 3D model by adding ____ and light.


digital ____ refers to using imagery to experience information in a manner difficult to experience through any other medium.


computer-aided design software provides tools to ____ .

all of the above

designers rely on ____ software to help them build prototypes for further research and testing.


animation uses successive ____ to create the impression of an object moving.


the newest version of HTML, HTML5 is beginning to take the place of ____ for web animation.


a basic example of ____ is the use of graphs and charts to illustrate numeric date


the combination of digital photography and digital photo editing is also referred to as ____ .


digital cameras are ranked by the amount of ____ they can capture


digital photography captures, stores and manipulates photographs digitally as a series of ____ .

1s and 0s

the ____ of digital camera is measured in megapixels.


a digital camera uses a ____ card as its storage device.

flash memory

____ software allows you to improve the look of your captured image.


all of the following offer photo editing software applications EXCEPT ____ .

Adobe Illustrator

When deciding whether to purchase a photo printer, it is important to consider the cost of printer paper and ____ .


some printers accept a camera's ____ card as input.


which of the following is a social network with photo album capabilities?


after uploading photos to an online photo album site, which of the following is NOT true?

users are guarantee the saftey of their photos if the server goes down

Photos ans albums can be shared from an online service with ____ .

all of the above

a ____ graphics expert prepares animated exhibits as evidence in a court proceeding.


____ internet and service providers are bringing motion pictures, television programming, and other video services to PCs and cell phones.


a video camcorder's image quality is measures by the number of pixels in each ____ .


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