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for C4L2 Quiz

Asexual reproduction provides ___ genetic variety.

little or none

Which process produces offspring asexually?


Cell division in prokaryotes is known as ___.



the cell splits and forms two new identical offspring

What type of cell uses fission to reproduce asexually?


When a eukaryotic, unicellular organism divides into two, it is called ___ cell division.



a form of asexual reproduction caused by the breaking of a colonial organism by a physical disturbance


a new organism grows by mitosis and cell division on the body of its parent


the ability to replace missing structure

Animal ___ occurs when an offspring grows from a piece of its parent.



a cell with a hard protective covering

Vegetative reproduction

a form of asexual reproduction in which offspring grow from a part of a parent plant


a type of asexual reproduction performed in a laboratory that produces identical individuals from a cell

first successful animal cloned


Some plants can be cloned using a method called ___.

tissue culture

Asexual reproduction can also be responsible for harmful ___.

genetic mutations

One advantage of asexual reproduction is that it allows organisms to reproduce without a mate, saving ___ and ___.

time; energy

Asexual reproduction also enables some organisms to produce ___ numbers of offspring in a ___ period of time.

large; short

Asexual reproduction involves how many parents?


Fission begins in a prokaryote when the DNA molecule is _____.


Some bacteria can divide every ___ minutes.


What type of cloning is considered an ethical concern?


Bacteria reproduce asexually through ___.


An ameba can reproduce asexually through ___.

mitotic cell division

Spirogyra can reproduce asexually through ___.


Yeast can reproduce asexually through ___.


Examples of organisms which reproduce asexually through regeneration are ___.

planarian; sea star; sponge; sea urchin; sea cucumber

Examples of organisms which reproduce asexually through spores are ___.

mold; fungus; mushroom

Examples of plants which have the ability to create new plants through vegetative reproduction are ___.

strawberry; potato; rasberry; geranium; spider plants

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