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a ____ is a collection of data that has been organize and made available to a user


to avoid data ____, it is advisable to make sure data is carefully copied, stored and organized in one place.


data ____ refers to the quality and accuracy of the data.


when building a database, careful consideration must be given to ____.


a ____ is a program that lets computer users create and access a collection of organized date.

data management system

a common type of database format known as ____ stores records as a line of text separated by commas.


microsoft outlook and quicken are examples of ____DBMSs that collect personal data for user access


in a database, a collection of related records is referred to as a table or a ____.


in a database, your first name would be categorized as a ____.


in a database, a collection of related fields that describes some object or activity is referred to as a ____.


____ are an important element of the databae hierarchy because they are used to store the database entities.


a primary key is a ____ field within a database table that uniquely identifies each record.


a ____ database organized data into multiple table that are related by common fields.


relationships between tables can be illustrated through a ____ relationship diagram


____involves choosing data based on a certain criteria.


____is a concern for some organizations and individuals when data is collected in databases without their permission.


inaccurate data entered into a database resulting in incorrect output is also known as____.


when a database problem occurs, its tables may be split up during ____ process to correct a data problem.


a database ____is a graphical representation of the structure of a database.


a data definition language is used to define the ____ of a database.


a data dictionary includes all of the following EXCEPT ____.

the digital certificate

a data dictionary can be referenced by ____ to validate data item names, access dates and access data types when creating a database.

users, programmers, database administrators

the power of a database lies in the ability to do all of the following EXCEPT ____ in order to answer questions and discover patterns.

save data

the ____ data manipulation language is used to build databases in both mainframe and personal computers.


a popular database software program called ____uses a wizard tool to help build and generate SQL queries.


the data manipulation language ____ is the most popular tool when working with a database.


on,when the customer is ready to make a purchase, the database ____ managed the entire process.

management system

a data ____ extracts data from various systems to analyze and process it.


a data warehouse ____ data from several databases to provide useful information .


a data ____ is a small data warehouse that is developed for a specific person or purpose.


through ____, businesses can analyze inventory and costs for more efficiency.

data mining

a retail store may use the ____approach to analyze data collected from checkout scanners to reduce costs or manage inventory.

business intelligence

a distributed database is also known as a ____ database.


distributed database connect data at different locations via____.


a data center that is run and managed in an automated fashion while bing monitored remotely is referred to as a ____ environment.

lights out

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