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Nutrition Exam 4

Beverly consumed 1500 calories daily before she became pregnant. Approximately how many calories per day should she consume during lactation?
The stage of human gestation from eight weeks after conception until birth of an infant is called a(an):
If the water supply is severely deficient in _____, both breastfed and formula-fed infants require supplementation after six months of age.
To ensure that a 7-month-old infant receives adequate fat to provide essential fatty acids in his diet, he needs to have _____ calories from fat for 675 calories he is eating daily.
A woman who has just become pregnant is used to drinking 2 pots of coffee a day. What adjustments should she make in her caffeine consumption?
she should limit coffee consumption to one coffee cup a day
Most babies are born with enough _____ to last about half a year.
Women who have uncontrolled high blood glucose levels during pregnancy may experience complications such as:
Fortified food sources of folate include all of the following except:
The effect of maternal nutritional deprivation during lactation is to:
reduce the quantity of milk
Authorities recommend limiting sweetened soft drinks and punches in children's diets for fear that overconsumption may promote:
a and c
The nausea of morning sickness:
a and c
A woman who is breastfeeding is not able to eat enough food for two weeks because of a lack of money. What effect will it have on her breast milk?
the quantity of milk will decrease but it will still have nutritional adequacy
When may the use of commercial formula for feeding an infant be appropriate?
when a premature infant has special medical needs
Characteristics of breast milk include that:
its sodium content is low and its protein is largely alpha lactalbumin
Prenatal exposure to alcohol can result in which of the following fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in children?
Susie is a pregnant vegetarian who does not consume meat, fish, poultry, or animal products such as dairy foods or eggs. Susie would be at risk for developing a deficiency of:
vitamin B12.
Which of the following is the major factor in low birthweight?
poor nutrition
Constipation during pregnancy should be relieved by:
a and b
You are counseling a pregnant woman who is experiencing "morning sickness." To alleviate this condition you tell her to:
Which of the following should be introduced first when feeding a baby?
rice cereal
What recommendation is most appropriate to help a 6-year-old obese boy to improve his health?
Which of the following statements is(are) true concerning iron during pregnancy?
If a woman develops preeclampsia during her pregnancy she will most likely have to be concerned about which of the following?
most women will lose their symptoms within two days after delivery
The pregnant woman's greater need for folate is due to:
During the second trimester of pregnancy, a daily increase of _____ calories above the allowance for nonpregnant women is recommended.
When compared to formula, breast milk offers the following protection against infections and allergies:
breast milk contains antibodies against diarrhea caused by a rotavirus.
Which of the following would be the most appropriate family involvement with a child who is overweight?
encourage family outdoor activities together
Which of the following does not contain vitamin B12?
What should a woman who drinks a daily glass of wine with her dinner consider when she becomes pregnant?
even a small amount of alcohol during a critical growth period can be damaging
Women who have uncontrolled high blood glucose levels during pregnancy may experience complications such as:
Is a 10-year-old girl who has become very overweight during the past two years at risk for developing chronic diseases?
Which of the following is (are) appropriate for children who are found to have high blood lipids?
a and b
An initial goal for obese children is to:
a and b
To prevent heartburn during pregnancy you would recommend:
b and c
All of the following are recommended for vegetarian women who are pregnant except:
Which of the following should be introduced first when feeding a baby?
rice cereal
Which of the following nutrients is related to the prevention of neural tube defects?
All of the following effects of watching television contribute to obesity except:
it presents positive images of overweight people.
What is the most important nutrition concern for the person with Alzheimer's disease?
prevention of weight loss
What changes are seen in water balance as we get older?
our thirst mechanism does not work as efficiently so we may forget to drink fluids
A child's appetite fluctuates after the age of:
one year.
To promote dental health, children should be taught to:
a and c
Hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle also alter:
a and b
The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that older adults:
incorporate balance exercises if they are at risk of falling.
A teenager consumes a fast-food meal consisting of a hamburger, chocolate shake, and French fries. In order to consume an adequate diet, which of the following should be chosen at other meals during the day?
a and b
Which of the following describes foods preferred by children?
mild flavors
Tommy consumed a breakfast consisting of eggs, whole-grain toast with cheese, and orange juice. Shortly thereafter, Tommy experienced an allergic reaction. This reaction was most likely caused by:
Hyperactivity in a boy in kindergarten who cannot concentrate on his school work can be controlled by:
making sure he has regular mealtimes
An elderly woman in a nursing home no longer goes outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, has reduced her meat intake because her dentures don't fit well, and has recently been having difficulty concentrating on conversations with others. This may be leading to a deficiency of which vitamins?
Vitamin D and Vitamin B12
What nutrition practice can reduce the effects of arthritis?
antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can reduce inflammation in joints
The effect of physical activity for the elderly is to:
reduce development of the "dwindles."
Ways to prevent a child from choking include:
b and c
Which of the following would be the most appropriate snack for an active, normal-weight child?
Which of the following have been identified as affecting physiological age?
a and b
The woman with PMS should:
a and b
An adolescent girl is drinking diet colas instead of milk because she wants to control her weight. What advice would you give her to aid in developing peak bone mass?
she needs to eat high-calcium snacks such as low-fat cheese
A young child who used to like bananas now gets nauseated if he has to eat them. This has happened ever since he became ill two months ago from spinning on a carousel immediately after eating a banana in the playground. This would be an example of a:
food aversion.