The Articles of Confederation- Why they are bad (ONLY USE IN "LEARN")

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see title..

a loose aliance of states

define confederation

no taxes, no leader, no federal military, all 13 states had to agree, no supreme court, each state had its own currency, each state had its own trade deals

name the articles of confederation.

there is no money to pay anyone

why is it bad to have no taxes?

the leader keeps people on task.

why is it bad that there is no leader?

if we have 13 different militaries, we can't fight as one country.

why is it bad that there was no federal military?

how would anything ever get passed?

why is it bad that all 13 states had to agree?

there is nobody to handle fights among the state!

why is it bad that there was no supreme court?

there is a lack of unity

why is it bad that each state had its own currency?

created compititon among states

why is it bad that each state had its own trade deals?

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