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FIRE_001 (88, 9) Describe the indications of an engine fire:

Engine fire indications:
- Fire bell, then vocal warning "FIRE, LEFT/RIGHT ENGINE"
- Illuminated L/R ENG FIRE handle
- L/R LOOP A and LOOP B lights
- Both MASTER CAUTION lights

FIRE_002 (88, 9) Explain the meaning of an illuminated amber agent low light:

The amber AGENT LOW light means the respective fire
extinguishing agent has been discharged (pressure low).

FIRE_003 (88, 9) Recall how many fire bottles are dedicated to the cargo fire system and that they are separate from the engine / APU fire bottles:

Cargo fire suppression is accomplished through the use of 2 fire bottles, which are separate from the bottles used for the engines and APU.

FIRE_004 (88, 9) Recall the cockpit indications of a cargo fire, and how to silence the aural warning:

If smoke and/or heat is detected in a cargo compartment,
the flight crew will be alerted by:
- The red CARGO FIRE light on the OAP
- MASTER WARNING lights on the glareshield
- A high pitched tone from the aural alerter which can be
silenced by pushing the FIRE BELL OFF button between
the engine fire handles or the MASTER WARNING lights.
- The fire light on the cargo fire control panel from the
alarming compartment. - In addition, the ARMED light of the alarming compartment will illuminate with BTL 1 DISCH light to indicate automatic suppression system arming has occurred.

FIRE_005 (88, 9) Recall the cockpit indications of an APU Fire:

An APU fire warning consists of the following:
APU fire indications:
- Aural/vocal warning "APU FIRE" (3 cycles).
- Horns (cockpit [3 cycles]and external [continuous]).
- APU FIRE lights (cockpit and external).
- Both MASTER WARNING lights.
- APU LOOP A and B.
- Both MASTER CAUTION lights.
NOTE: With the APU master switch in the OFF position, all
APU aural warnings are inhibited.

FIRE_006 (88, 9) Recall how the cargo fire detection system senses both heat and smoke:

The cargo fire detection system is accomplished through
the use of a dual loop system in each smoke detector unit. Each unit incorporates two smoke detector and two heat sensors. One smoke detector and one heat sensor make up one loop.

FIRE_007 (88, 9) Recall the APU and engines share 2 fire bottles:

The fire extinguishing system consists of 2 fire bottles.
Each bottle has separate discharge heads and distribution
lines to each engine and the APU.

FIRE_008 (88, 9) Recall the function of the APU Fire Control switch:

The APU FIRE CONT Switch is a two position switch.
NORM - Normal position.
OFF & AGENT ARM - Immediately shuts down APU and
arms the fire extinguishers.
The external APU FIRE light remains illuminated and the
fire warning horn sounds until the fire is extinguished.

FIRE_009 (88, 9) Recall what actions take place when the engine fire handle is pulled:

Pulling the engine fire handle accomplishes the following
for the affected engine:
- Disables the aural/vocal warning
- Mechanically closes the pneumatic crossfeed valve
- Shuts off fuel (valve at wing spar)
- Shuts off engine hydraulic pump
- Trips the generator control relay

FIRE_010 (88, 9) Recall the cargo fire bottles have different discharge rates and why:

Bottle #1 is a high rate discharge bottle that is used to
rapidly flood the affected cargo compartment with halon
and smother the fire. Bottle #2 is a low rate discharge
bottle that slowly releases halon into the cargo compartment, extending fire suppression effectiveness.

FIRE_011 (88, 9) Recall how long the cargo fire bottles give the crew fire suppression:

The two bottles working together give the flight crew
approximately sixty minutes of fire suppression.

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