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Who is the author?
William Ritter (cover)
What is the setting?
New Fiddleham, America; late January 1892 (page 1)
What is the full name of the narrator?
Abigail Rook (page 4)
What boat did Abigail ride on to get to America?
Lady Charlotte (page 7)
What was the stranger at the bar's name?
He was Mr. R. F. Jackaby (page 9)
What is Jackaby's address?
926 Augur Lane (page 18)
What creatures settled in Abigail's hat and coat?
domovyk and Kalbautermann, a kind of German kobold (page 26)
How does Abigail get into the police crime scene?
She faked a faint and the officer let her in to sit down for a spell. (page 31)
What is the name of the chief inspector?
Inspector Marlowe (page 37)
What is the name of the helpful police detective?
Charlie Cane (page 38)
Why did Jackaby hire Abigail?
He hired her because she notices ordinary things, things that are important but that no one notices. (page 69)
Who is Mrs. Morrigan?
a banshee (page 62-63)
Who was the victim?
Arthur Bragg, newspaper writer for the Chronicle (page 67)
Who is the most important police person?
Commissioner Swift (page 75)
What does Jackaby find in Bragg's office?
a map that shows where people were murdered in the surrounding area (page 137)
Who is the only other person who can see the supernatural world, on some level?
Hatun, who is slightly crazy sometimes (page 102)
Who is the other humanoid resident in Jackaby's house?
Jenny Cavanaugh, a ghost (page 121)
Who is Douglas?
Jackaby's old assistant- he was turned into a waterfowl and then when Jackaby tried to turn him back, he didn't want to, so he now lives in Jackaby's house. (page 132)
What was Chapter 13 about?
Chapter 13 was omitted on Jackaby's request (page 113)
Why did Jackaby and Abigail eat fruit for breakfast instead of eggs?
Because Jackaby is a terrible cook- he mixed up paprika and gunpowder (150, 157-158)
What is the name of the apartments where the murders were occurring?
The Emerald Arch (page 159)
Who was murdered that caused Jackaby and Abigail to be locked in jail?
Mr. Henderson (page 170-171)
Why is Miss O'Connor upset with Jackaby?
He told her Mrs. Morrigan would be better by the morning- but instead she's a hundred times worse, predicting horrible death. (page 172-173)
Why does one of the containment officers smell like sulfur?
He stared at the frog. (page 180)
What do Jackaby and Abigail hear above the call of the wind that frightens Abigail?
the banshee's cry (page 194)
Why was the banshee crying?
She was crying for her own death (page 206)
Why does the clerk, Thomas, hate when Jackaby goes to jail?
Because it takes him forever to catalogue everything in Jackaby's coat. (page 207-208)
Who does Jackaby run after to try and get lead?
Mr. Stapleton, the man who bought a tin of Old Bart's from Abigail when she was helping out at the general store. (page 221)
Who is Charlie Cane, really?
a Caini- more loyal, less powerful than werewolves, but very similar (page 264)
Who was killed in the forest?
O'Doyle, a policeman (page 240)
Who was the killer?
Commissioner Swift, a redcap (page 253)
What does Inspector Marlowe do for Charlie?
He sends a letter of recommendation for Charlie to Gadston, a small town, where Charlie can change his name and then start to live again. (page 276)
How do the police cover up the nature of Swift's death?
They blame everything on Charlie and say that Swift was a hero. (page 277)
What presents does Jackaby get for Abigail?
He gets her an expensive leather notebook and a magnify glass, since she requested them. (page 293)
How much luggage did Abigail need to carry around all of her belongings?
One suitcase (page 1)
How did Abigail see New Fiddleham on her first night (what did she think of it)?
"Strange, full of untold dangers and enticing mysteries" (page 1)
Where is Abigail from?
England (page 2)
Why would Abigail's parents disapprove of her hat?
It was a tweed hat meant for boys (page 3)
How does Abigail attempt to make money to get an inn for the night?
She wants to play the piano, but it's broken. (page 4)
What does the bartender do to make up for his broken piano?
He gives her a pint of beer and tells her to wait out of the snow for a bit. (Page 4)
What does Abigail worry about looking like at the bar?
"That sort of girl"- an insult her mother used to scorn lone women (page 4)
Despite having been by herself for quite awhile, why is Abigail uncomfortable with the pint of ale?
She isn't used to being treated like an adult (page 5)
How did Abigail's mother prefer her hair?
Braided neatly with ribbons (page 5)
How was the weather when Abigail arrived?
It was cold and snowing (page 3)
What startled Abigail the most about the stranger at the bar?
His eyes- wide and intensely inquisitive ... And the fact that he stood very very close to her (page 5)
What was Jackaby's hair like?
It was black or dark brown, and fairly messy. (Page 6)
What else did Abigail notice about Jackaby's eyes?
They were pale cloud gray with deep circles and they looked a hundred years old though the rest of him seemed energetic and young (page 6)
What did Abigail notice about Jackaby's scarf?
It was very long and belonged to the man who she passed coming in, showing that he doubled back to see her (page 6)
What is the first thing Jackaby speaks of to Abigail?
He tells her where she's been and vaguely what she's done recently (page 6)
What town was the Lady Charlotte from?
Bremerhaven (page 7)
How did Jackaby respond when Abigail assumes that he looked at her luggage labels to learn where she was from?
He says that he did not and that it would be an impolite invasion of privacy. (Page 7)
What does Jackaby pick off of Abigail's coat, taste, and then put in his overflowing jacket pockets?
Lint (page 7)
After Jackaby leaves the bar, what do the locals say about him?
That everyone has a few crazy stories about him- more specifically, they tell some stories (page 8)
What does one of the local's cousins swear by in addition to Jackaby?
Sea monsters and mermaids (page 8)
How did the two gentlemen playing chess react to Jackaby?
They got into an argument about the supernatural, prompting the rest of the pub to soon join in (page 9)
How did Abigail pay for her rooms?
She swept the floors and cleaned the dishes of an inn for a few hours (though the innkeeper said that it wasn't a lasting arrangement) (page 10)
What does Abigail consider worse than living beneath a bridge and eating from trashcans?
Writing to her parents for help (page 10)
What were the only clothes Abigail had left to wear?
Brown boy's work clothes or lacy and frilly dresses (page 11)
What did Abigail end up wearing?
Her green dress from last night- it was a bit frayed though (page 11)
What is Abigail's purpose that day?
To find work, and then new clothes (page 11)
How did Abigail feel now that she was walking the streets of New Fiddleham in the daytime?
She was excited and hopeful (page 11)
What was Abigail's only previous job?
An archaeological dig for dinosaurs (page 12)
What was Abigail's father's job?
He worked in anthropology and paleontology. (Page 12)
How was Abigail in school?
She loved it- she begged her father to go to university (page 12)
How did her father's job affect Abigail?
She got an insatiable thirst for discovery (page 12)
How did her father react when Abigail wanted to come along with him on the biggest dig of his career?
He said it was no place for a young lady, and that she should finish school and then find a husband with a reliable job. (Page 12)
Where was the dig Abigail participated in located?
Carpathian Mountains (page 13)
What was Abigail afraid of about the dig and how did she attempt to fix this?
She was afraid they wouldn't take a girl, so she wore boy's clothes, but it was still obvious she was a girl (page 13)
What was the dig like?
Unexciting- they didn't find anything, it was uncomfortable and barely funded, and she was soon left alone on the east European border (page 13)
Why did Abigail end up heading for America?
She was trying to get passage back to England when she realized it was to America and she was much less scared to head there than home. (Page 13/14)