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The modern policing in America can be linked to___

English Heritage

Today, if an inquest determines the deceased came to his or her death through criminal means, the coroner may___

Issue a warrant for the arrest of the accused party

which of the following did not make the old system of policing obsolete?


The three eras of COPPS, according to Willard, include___

Institutionalization, innovation, and diffusion

Today, the top three priorities of the FBI are to protect the nation from___

foreign intelligence operations, cyber based attacks, and terrorist attack

The federal law enforcement training center___

serves as an interagency training organization for more than 80 federal agencies

Applicants for CIA jobs must possess all of the following except__

a master;s degree in international affairs or a law degree

Traditionally, the job tenure of police chiefs has been___

short about 5.5 years

___ acts as a guide or steering device and lets us know whether the receiver has interpreted our symbols as we intended.


The innovation form of first-line supervisors'____.

tends to coach rather than order subordinates

Accreditation standard help to weave community policing into an agency's internal fabric in all of the following way to except___

requiring that officers spend no more than 20 percent of their time patrolling

Only a little more than a third of all police agencies conducts___.

polygraph exams

An assessment center may include which of the following?

all of the above

Which of the following is not a major task of the police?

perform welfare task

Which of the following is not one of the various levels of traffic enforcement policy?

ticket-writing contests

The ___ work shift would be more likely to respond to calls of armed robberies disturbances, and bomb threats.


According to the FBI figures, a profile of U.S. officers who are feloniously killed included that they are ___.

in their 30's male, white, and assigned to patrol

A 2004 federal law that allows qualified retired police officers to be exempted from state laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons ___.

is known as H.R. 218

Responses for the female youthful offenders in the Tulsa project included all of the following except___.

taking kids on canoe trips to hone their survival skills

One in ___ burglaries reported in the United States is a repeat victimization


Revamping the DARE program meant reducing____.

the lecturing role of the police officers

In police work, the two major uses of polygraph testing are____.

Specific issue testing and pre-employment screening

Undercover work involves assignments of police officers in which they___.

adopt fictitious identities in investigative roles, to discover criminal activities

A recent DNA innovation is___.

combined DNA index system (CODIS)

The supreme Court has objected to police behavior that "___".

shocks the conscience

To obtain an arrest warrant, an officer or citizen swears a(n)____.

affidavit (as an "affiant")

In _____, the supreme court mandated that all indigent persons charged with felonies in state courts be provided counsel.

Gideon v. Wainwright

The supreme court mandated that when an officer has probable cause to search a vehicle, the officer may search for objects that___.

belong to a passenger in the vehicle

Bittner defined police use of force as the "___."

distribution of non-negotiably coercive remedies

In 2007, the U.S Supreme Court held that "a police officer's attempt to terminate a dangerous high speed car chase that threatens the lives of innocent bystanders...."___."

does not violate the fourth amendment

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