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  1. What event directly triggers the release of neurotransmitter from the synaptic vesicle in the axon terminal

    A) diffusion of K+ into the axonal terminus
    B) diffusion of Na+ out of the axonal terminus
    C) diffusion of Ca2+ into the axonal terminus
    D) diffusion of Na+ into the axonal terminus
  2. Only ________ muscle cells are always multinucleated.
  3. The sliding filament model of contraction involves ________.

    A) the Z discs sliding over the myofilaments
    B) the shortening of thick filaments so that thin filaments slide past
    C) actin and myosin sliding past each other and partially overlapping
    D) actin and myosin lengthening in order to slide past each other
  4. The smallest contractile unit of a muscle fiber is ________.

    A) the elastic filament
    B) the myofilament
    C) the sarcomere
    D) troponin
  5. Skeletal muscle cells have one nucleus, but smooth muscle cells are multinucleated?
  1. a False
  2. b C
  3. c skeletal
  4. d diffusion of Ca2+ into the axonal terminus
  5. e C) the sarcomere

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  1. inhibiting the action of acetylcholinesterase
  2. sarcolemma
  3. A
  4. D
  5. myoglobin

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  1. Which event is most significant in initiating the "wave of depolarization"?

    A) diffusion of acetylcholine into the muscle fiber
    B) diffusion of acetylcholine down the length of the muscle fiber
    C) diffusion of K+ out of the muscle fiber
    D) diffusion of Na+ into the muscle fiber
    D) diffusion of Na+ into the muscle fiber


  2. Which muscle characteristic describes the ability of muscle to respond to a stimulus?
    A) extensibility
    B) contractility
    C) elasticity
    D) excitability
    D) excitability


  3. When a muscle is unable to respond to stimuli temporarily, it is in which of the following periods?refractory period


  4. Excitation of the sarcolemma is coupled or linked to the contraction of a skeletal muscle fiber. What specific event initiates the contraction.

    A) Sodium release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum initiates the contraction

    B) voltage-gated proteins change shape.

    C) calcium release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum initiates the contraction

    D) Action potentials propagate into the interior of the skeletal muscle fiber.


  5. Which pathway for regenerating ATP provides the majority of the energy used for muscle activity during 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise?

    A) direct phosphorylation of ADP by creatine phosphate
    B) anaerobic glycolysis
    C) use of stored ATP
    D)aerobic respiration
    D) aerobic respiration