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  1. What causes the myosin head to disconnected from actin?
  2. Which type of muscle CANNOT contract without being stimulated by the nervous system?

    A) skeletal
    B) smooth
    C) visceral
    D) cardiac
  3. The force of a muscle contraction is NOT affected by __________.

    A) the frequency of the stimulation
    B) the size of the muscle fibers stimulated
    C) the amount of ATP stored in the muscle cells
    D) the number of muscle fibers stimulated
    E) the degree of muscle stretch
  4. Contraction of skeletal muscle is controlled by ___ ___
  1. a C
  2. b A) skeletal
  3. c Binding of ATP
  4. d somatic motor neurons

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  1. actin
  2. myofibrils
  3. D) diffusion of Na+ into the muscle fiber
  4. Latent
  5. True

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  1. Which of the following is most directly resposible for the coupling of excitation to contraction of skeletal muscle fibers?Calcium ions


  2. Muscle contraction will always promote movement of body parts regardless of how they are attached.somatic motor neurons


  3. The sliding filament model of contraction involves ________.

    A) the Z discs sliding over the myofilaments
    B) the shortening of thick filaments so that thin filaments slide past
    C) actin and myosin sliding past each other and partially overlapping
    D) actin and myosin lengthening in order to slide past each other


  4. _____ marathon runneranaerobic pathway


  5. Binding of calcium to calmodulin is a step in excitation-contraction coupling of ________ cells.

    A) skeletal muscle
    B) smooth muscle
    C) cardiac and visceral smooth muscle
    D) cardiac muscle


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