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Psychology 100 Course Cram Notes


body senses that include our ability to touch, feel pain, warmth and changes in our body posture and movement.

free nerve endings

Sensory receptor cells in the skin that detect pressure, temperature, and pain.

two point discrimination threshold

the minimum distance that must exist between two points for them to be perceived as separate stimuli.

phantom limb pain

occurs when a limb is lost, yet the sensation of pain in the limb still remains

Internal senses

the body contains sensory cells outside of the skin, including the gut, brain, bones, and muscles.

muscle spindles

provide sensory information regarding the degree to which muscle cells are stretched.

Vestibular senses

the senses of equilibrium and body position in space

vestibular apparatus

in the inner ear, allows for the detection of changes in the acceleration in three dimension.

Three semicirular canals

one for each dimension (up/down, left/right, forward/back). Change in movement causes fluid inside the canal to move, activating cells inside.

vestibular sacs

uses crystal-filled fluids to detect the tilt of the head.

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