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  1. seasons
  2. ebb tide
  3. lunar libration
  4. atmosphere
  5. geosphere
  1. a the solid parts of the Earth
  2. b a layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity
  3. c when the moon sways back and forth or moves back and forth
  4. d low tide
  5. e the four divisions of the year, the reason for them is due to the tilt of he earth

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  1. when a 1/4 of the moon is visible
  2. the plane of th earth's orbit around the sun
  3. one of the northern lines that marks latitude
  4. one of the five major circles of lattitude in the north
  5. middle of a planet or earth

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  1. Apogeemiddle of a planet or earth


  2. umbrathe partially shaded outer region of a shadow


  3. perihelionwhere the earth is farthest from the sun


  4. mantlein the middle between the crust and the inner core


  5. gravitya force pulling together all matter