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Microbiology 2420

The method of removing vegetative life forms from living surfaces is termed


The betadine swab before blood donation in an example of


Microbial death occurs when there is

No reproduction

_____ heat is more rapidly effective and efficient compared to _____ heat.

Moist, dry

Which is correct regarding the rate of microbial death?

Cells in a culture die at a constant rate

Some microbial control agents are able to _____ cell proteins by breaking bonds that maintain the native state, three-dimensional configuration of the proteins.


Iodophors include


The easiest microbial forms to kill or inhibit are

Vegetative bacteria and fungi

Surfactants work by

Disrupting membrane integrity

Agents that can denature microbial proteins include all of the following except


Each of the following is the target of antimicrobial agents except


The removal of all life forms from inanimate objects is termed


The alcohol wipe before an injection is an example of


The process of using a cleansing technique to mechanically remove and reduce microorganisms and debris to safe levels is


The process that destroys or removes all microorganisms and microbial forms including bacterial endospores on inanimate objects is


_____ solution was introduced in the late nineteenth century for preventing gonococcal infections in a newborn's eyes after exposure to the mother's infected birth canal.

Silver nitrate

Which of the following acids is not used to destroy or inhibit microbial cells in food?

Phosphoric acid

Which of the following types of control agents would be used to achieve sterility?


The method of removing vegetative microbial life forms from inanimate objects is termed


The use of a physical or chemical process to destroy vegetative pathogens is


Removal of moisture by dehydration is called


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