AP Psych Unit 6 Kahoot

Which is a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience?
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What happens when the CR decreases as the CS is repeatedly presented alone?extinctionThe basic idea behind classical conditioning is that the organism:associates eventsWhat do we call the reappearance, after a rest period, of an extinguished response?spontaneous recoveryWhat is behavior that occurs as an automatic response to some stimulus?respondent behaviorWhat is a desire to receive promised rewards or avoid threatened punishment?extrinsic motivationThe perception that we control our own fate is called:internal locus of controlAfter a woman has been pondering a problem for days, suddenly a solution comes to her. This is:insightBandura's Bobo doll study is associated with:observational learningWhat is the best term for explaining how we learn languages?modelingWhen is prosocial modeling most effective?When the model's actions are consistent with the lessonWhich of the following is the best synonym for social learning?observational learning