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  1. AKA "OSTEOSARCOMA" - The most common malignant bone tumor, with common sites being the distal femur, proximal tibia & the proximal humerus
  2. occurs when a direct force caused the bone to break
  3. gradually replaces red bone marrow in adult bones, functions as storage for fat tissue and is inactive in formation of blood cells
  4. a fracture in which only one side of the shaft is broken, and the other is bent
  5. aka soft spots- is a space between bones of an infant's cranium that is covered by a tough membrane
  6. process of removing a small sample of bone marrow from a selected site with a needle for the purpose of examining the specimen under a microscope

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  1. red marrowdual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, this procedure measures bone densitrty more accurately than dual photon absorptiometry, takes less time, and emits less radiation to the patient.


  2. lordosisabnormal lateral curvature of the spine


  3. scoliosisan abnormal inward (forward) curvature of the vertebral column, aka swayback.


  4. complete fracturea break that extends through the entire thickness of the bone


  5. bone scanprocedure in which a radioactive substance is injected intravenously and its uptake in bones is measured with a special scanning device


  6. osteomalaciapredominantly in females; fragile bones, loss of bone density, decreased levels of estrogen and calcium.