CGS2060 Exam 2 Chapter 6

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3D sound card

an expansion card that enables a computer to produce sounds that are omnidirectional or three dimensional

access time

the time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data

bit depth

the number of bits a video card uses to store data about each pixel on the monitor

cache memory

a type of high-speed memory that a processor can access more rapidly than main memory

clock speed

In a CPU, the speed at which it can potentially execute instructions, measured in millions of cycles per second—megahertz (MHz)—or billions of cycles per second—gigahertz (GHz). (1)


a complete processing section from a CPU embedded into one physical chip

CPU Benchmarks

measurements used to compare performance between processors

CPU usage

the percentage of time that your CPU is working

CPU usage graph

records your COY usage for the past several seconds


The latest PCMCIA standard for notebook I/O cards that uses the PCI Express and USB 2.0 data transfer standards. Two types of Express-Cards are ExpressCard/34 (34mm wide) and ExpressCard/54 (54mm wide).

external SATA (eSATA)

A standard for external drives based on SATA that uses a special external shielded SATA cable up to 2 meters long. eSATA is up to six times faster than USB or FireWire.

front side bus (FSB)

connects the processor (CPU) in your computer to the system memory. Think of it as a highway on which data tavels between the CPU and RAM.

graphics double data rate 5 (GDDR5)

a standard of video memory

hard drive

computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

head crash

(computer science) a crash of a read/write head in a hard disk drive (usually caused by contact of the head with the surface of the magnetic disk)


A technology that permits quicker processing of information by enabling a new set of instructions to start executing before the previous set has finished.

kernal memory

the memory that the computer's operating system uses.

latency (rotational delay)

the process that occurs after the read/write head of the hard drive locates the correct track, and then waits for the correct sector to spin to the read/write head

memory module (memory card)

a small circuit board that holds a series of random access memory (RAM) chips

Moore's Law

The premise that the power of microprocessor technology doubles and its cost of production drops in half every 18 months

nonvolatile storage

computer storage that is not lost when the power is turned off

optical media

A type of media used to store data which is read by a laser, such as a CD or DVD.

physical memory

the amount of RAM that is actually sitting on memory modules in your computer


a thin, round, metallics storage plate stacked onto the hard drive spindle

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Temporary memory a computer uses to store information while it is processing.

read/write head

A sealed, magnetic coil device that moves across the surface of a disk either reading data from or writing data to the disk.

redundant array of independent disks (RAID)

Two or more disks combined into one large drive in several configurations for special needs. Some RAID systems are designed for redundancy to ensure continuous operations if one disk fails. Another configuration spreads data across several disks to improve access speeds for reads and writes.


A section of a hard drive platter, wedge-shaped from the center of the platter of the edge

seek time

(computer science) the time it takes for a read/write head to move to a specific data track

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

a type of hard drive that uses much thinner cables, and can transfer data more quickly, than IDE drives.

Solid-State drive (SSD)

a drive that uses the same kind of memory that flash drives use, but can reach data in only a tenth of the time a flash drive requires

sound card

an expansion board that enables a computer to manipulate and output sounds


a memory-management technique used by windows 7. monitors the applications you use the most and preloads them into your system memory so that they'll be ready to go

surround sound

a type of audio processing that makes the listener experience sound as if it were coming from all directions

system evaluation

the process of looking at a computer's subsystems, what they do, and how they perform to determine whether the computer system has the right hardware components to do what the user ultimately wants it to do


a concentric circle that serves as a storage area on a hard drive platter

video card (video adapter)

An expansion card that is installed inside a system unit to translate binary data (the 1s and 0s the computer uses) into the images viewed on the monitor.

video memory

RAM that is included as part of a video card

volatile storage

computer storage that is erased when the power is turned off

First, he watches the load on the processor using the _______ in Windows

CPU Usage graph

Because he has a multiple ______ in his processor, there are multiple graphs to follow


BEcause he is often having system crashes, he begins to suspect his system is suffering from too little _______


He has room for an additional two _____ on his motherboard

memory modules

He visits the Intel Web site to check two other important factors on his model of CPU: the amount of ______ and the speed of the _______

cache memory; front side bus

It seems each generation of processors is so much faster than the last. That rule, _____, is still holding true

Moore's law

Luis notes the storage capacity of his mechanical ______ and decides he needs more room

hard drive

Recently, he has been wishing his system had a(n) ______ port


The _______, or the amount of time it takes to retrieve data from the disk drive, on any mechanical drive is slow compared to the ______ in the new computer he's eyeing.

access time; SSD

Luis is really concerned about having a backup of his work so he's going to use two cheaper mechanical drives, connected in ______ to guarantee immediate backup of every change.


The new video card includes a specialized ______ that can process 3D data with great speed


It would be great if he could take advantage of the 7.1 _______ that is on the gaming software he runs

surround sound

The current video cards having blindingly fast ________ memory, and some people even use multiple cards


A quad core CPU with hyperthreading has eight virtual CPU's (T/F)


The memory that your operating system uses is referred to as kernel memory (T/F)


SSD hard drives need to be defragged but mechanical hard drives do not (T/F)


Cache memory is a form of read-only memory that can be accessed more quickly by the CPU (T/F)


GDDR5 memory is often used in eSATA drives (T/F)


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