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bones chpter 8

bones jobs
protection,structure,protect organs,stores minerals,bloodcell production
types of bones
long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones
long bones
longer than they are wide
fltat bones
thin flat and curved (STERNUM,SKULL)
short bones
irregular bones
verbrae,hip,some in skull
compact bones
hard dense found in the shaft of long bones & on the outside of other bones
haversian system (osteon)
concentric circles around large blood vessels
spongey bone
soft bone (cancellous) red bone marrow found
plates with holes in them found in flat,short and irregular bones and at he ends of long bones
long bones
diaphysis, epiphysis, epiphyseal disc,medullary cavity, endosteum,periosteum,articular cartilage
long shaft of the bone provide streghth
enlarged ends of the long bone
epiphyseal disc
(growth plate) ,band of the hyaline cartilage, longitudinal growth
medullary cavity
hollow center of the diaphysis ( in adults filled with yellow bone marrow,in infants red bone marrow for blood cell production
lining of the inside of the medullary cavity
tough connective tissue thats wrapped around the outside of the bone,servesas a point of attachmentfor muscles,contains blood vessels that nourish the underlying bone,protects bones
articular cartiliage
hyaline helps the bones side over each other smoothly,found on the outer surface of epiphysis
cartilage turning into bone, hormonal control
outside of bones ,bone bluiders (create bone)
inside of bones ,breaking down bone,release calicum into bloodstream this is called (bone resorption)