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Describe the accident (chapter 13)

the shuttle hit lyddie in the head and she started bleeding and Diana's "friend" doctor took care of her

What do you think Betty's cough was from? (chapter 14)

There was so much dust that was trapped in the factory that could have infected the lungs

Why did Lyddie think "kiss of death"? (chapter 14)

because the foreigner was sucking on the same loom as lyddie and the germs

Why did Lyddies uncle come to visit? (chapter 15)

to tell her, her mother has ben put into a mental institution and to dump rachel on her and tell her that they were selling the farm

What did Mr. Marsden try to do to Lyddie? (chapter 16)

he tried to kiss her

What was in the letter from Ezekial?

50 dollars


causing annoyance; adj


marked or givin to doubt- adj

why did lyddie take rachel to work?

because she wanted rachel to stay and u had to work at the mill to stay in the boarding house

figurative/literal "how dry her life was b4 rachel came"

f= rachel makes her feel alive l= before the desert was dry and had no rain where now there is water

what was lyddies worry for rachel?

she didnt want rachel to get sick, because betsey was

how had charlie changed?

he grew up

why does lyddie have mixed feelings about rachel going with charlie?

she wants rachel to have a mom and a good life, but she feels they are taking her her family, and she doesnt want to let her go and doesnt want to be lonely

"so not to blot the page" what does this mean

she was crying and didnt want to smear the ink

how did lyddie react to lukes letter

she thought they wanted to buy her with he farm

why would dianas pregnancy bring disgrace to the movement?

diana is like the head of the group, and it would look abad as a single mother because the guy is already married


keeping a steady attitude or pace: adj

what does the bear represent to lyddie?

a challenge she has to face

why was lyddie dismissed

becuase the mr. marsden thing and mr marsden convinced that lyddie was "moral turpitude"

why is lyddie crying at the end of chapter 22

because before everyone was dependent on lyddie and now no one really needs her and she also had no where to go

what did luke think of lyddie's lack of reply meant?

that she didnt want to marry him and that she was offfended because she was more worthy then him

what is lyddies goal at the end of the book?

her goal is to come back when she has other options

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