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SOCI 1101 Introduction Final Study Guide

The scientific study of social behavior and human groups is known as
Focuses primarily on how social relationships influence peoples behavior.
the sociological imagination.
The awareness that allows people to comprehend the link between their immediate, personal social settings and the remote, impersonal social world is called
as an outsider
A key element in the sociological imagination is the ability to view one's own society
the structural impact of divorce
Which aspect of divorce would most likely be of interest to sociologists using the sociological imagination?
it allows us to look beyond a limited understanding of the world.
The sociological imagination is an empowering tool because
The body of knowledge obtained using methods based upon systematic observation is called a (an)
engage in organized and systematic study of phenomena to enhance understanding.
Sociology is considered a science because sociologists
social sciences.
Sociology, anthropology, economics, and history study various aspects of human society and are therefore considered
Which of the following academic disciplines investigates personality and individual behavior?
not reliable
Sociologists argue that, unlike scientific knowledge, common sense conclusions are
An attempt to explain problems, actions, or behavior in a comprehensive manner is called a (an):
the extent to which people were integrated into the group life of a society.
Émile Durkheim's study of suicide related suicide rates to
An effective sociological theory may have both explanatory and predictive power.
Auguste Comte.
The discipline of sociology was given its name by the French theorist
Harriet Martineau
Which sociologist translated the works of Auguste Comte into English and emphasized the impact that the economy, laws, trade, and population could have on contemporary social problems?
overthrow the existing class system of capitalist societies.
In The Communist Manifesto, Marx argued that the working class must
classes that clash in pursuit of their own class interests.
In Karl Marx's analysis, society was fundamentally divided between
W.E.B. Du Bois
Which of the following sociologists advocated basic research on the lives of Blacks?
double consciousness
What term do we use to describe the experience of being Black in White America; a division of an individual's identity into two or more social realities?
settlement houses.
Early female sociologists such as Jane Addams were often active in poor urban areas as leaders of community centers known as
Sociological studies that focus on large-scale phenomena or entire civilizations are defined as:
functionalist perspective
Which sociological perspective would view society as a living organism in which each part of the organism contributes to its survival and stability?
Talcott Parsons
Which sociologist saw "society as a vast network of connected parts, each of which contributes to the maintenance of the system as a whole?"
promotes value consensus among members of a society.
According to the functionalist perspective, an aspect of social life is passed on from one generation to the next if it
An element or a process of society that may actually disrupt a social system or lead to a decrease in stability is known as a
conflict perspective
Which sociological perspective sees the social world as being in continual struggle?
interactionist perspective
Which sociological perspective generalizes about everyday forms of social interaction in order to understand society as a whole?
both functionalist and conflict perspectives.
Which sociological perspective is most concerned with macrolevel analysis?
Inequality, capitalism, and stratification are key concepts of the conflict perspective.